How is college going..?

   “College tries to cram into your head in three months,

what high school tried to do in twelve years.”


This is a quote from a very smart lady at my college.  And it’s true!  College classes are very good at getting a lot of information into your head in a very short time frame.  And guys..  My brain has felt like it was going to melt quite a few times this semester.

I honestly don’t recognize myself sometimes.  In the short 3 months that I’ve been going to college, I’ve read multiple chapters worth of knowledge, I have learned part of a new language, started a chain reaction of kindness and smiles all over campus, and I have three months worth of lectures from multiple professors in my head.

The amount of homework we have has kept me busy all throughout the week, and the weekends.  College has consumed my life and changed my knowledge forever.


“Education is the most powerful weapon

which you can use to change the world.”


Classes have been long, life has been tough, and the homework has been challenging.  But let’s talk about the great things about college..!

Like the campus!  The campus is beautiful!  I love walking around before class (and after) and looking at all of the beauty this campus has to offer.  Especially now, with the leaves changing colors and falling off, and the occasional snow covered walkways, it’s the prettiest college campus I’ve ever seen! (And I’m not just saying that because I go here.)

The people are also pretty great!  Almost everyone here at college have been incredibly nice and helpful!  Especially the professors!  All of the professors have helped the class (and me) understand all of this crazy knowledge they try to cram into our heads.  If there is even one person who doesn’t understand what they are saying, the teachers always take a minute to explain it to us so that everyone is on the same page. (Perks of small class sizes.)  I even had one professor bring in pizza for us to eat during class because we did good on a test!

You know what else is great about my college?  The buildings!  If you’ve have ever read the ‘Divergent‘ series, then you would understand what I mean when I say that every building is like the zones from the Divergent book.  The business building looks like an office building setting.  The science building has test tubes and 3D printers, and looks like a laboratory (plus the walls are covered in red blood cell pictures and other creepy stuff)!  And the theater building is dark, acoustic, and has a LOT of rooms with stages for the performing arts students!  Every class that you take here at my college, surrounds you in the real world environment of that class.  And don’t even get me started on the nursing building!  (They have a lot of creepy robot manikins in fake hospital rooms that can simulate giving birth!)


What’s going on in my classes:

Business:  Business class is absolutely my all time favorite class I’m taking this semester!  If I could, I would go back and take it again next semester!  On the first day of class, we had to split off into ‘Business Groups’, where we had to spend the rest of the semester developing a business plan for a fake business of our choosing.  We also had to pick five Stocks in the beginning of the semester and watch them throughout the semester to see who could ‘make the most money’ (not real money of course).  Everyone in that class is really fun to be with and we bounce off each other in class and spend way too much time talking (in detail) about all of the business stuff we’re learning about.  (Which makes for better learning and more entertaining classes!)

Personal Finance: I’ll admit, this is my least favorite class in school..  However, I’ve been learning a LOT about buying houses and cars, life insurance, health insurance, and taxes (yay..), as well as a few other things I may be forgetting.  This class isn’t the most ‘fun’ class, but we always make the best of it and everyone always ends up laughing by the end of class.  Fun or not, I’m learning quite a bit in this class!  I may not be getting good grades on my tests (I’m not good at working out a lot of the problems), but I am learning stuff that’ll help my future.

Spanish: Spanish class has been all around amazing!  In the beginning of the semester, the teacher talked in English about 90% of the time and Spanish with gestures about 10% of the time.  Now that we’re towards the end, the teacher talks about 90% in Spanish, and adds in hand gestures to describe what she’s saying only if she thinks we don’t understand.  We always greet our teacher and everyone else in class in Spanish, and they almost always respond in Spanish.  I truly feel like I’m learning a lot of Spanish in such a short time frame.  The teacher is amazing, and most of how we learn is ether by ‘games’, or by talking to each other in Spanish.  The professor uses a lot of pictures to help us and test us, and we ALL get used as examples when learning/remembering colors, clothing, body parts, hair lengths/colors, and a few other examples.  Everyone in this class is amazing, and I truly feel like everyone in this class is my family.

Computer Class: Computer class went from fun, to terrible, to fun again.  It’s funny how that happens to coincide with what we were learning that week.. 😉 ‘Computer class’ way mainly us learning how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint through Microsoft.  Word was almost easy!  Excel was everyone’s worst nightmare..  And Powerpoint was super fun to learn how to use!  (For the few of us in computer class that also took Business class, most of these were necessary to learn.  Especially PowerPoint!)



All in all, I’m both sad and happy that I’ve only got two weeks left of the semester.  I’m happy, because you can only take so much of college before it starts wearing on your spirit, and I’m finally almost done with my first semester.  But I’m also sad, because I’m going to miss a lot of the people here, especially since I’m not going to be taking Spring classes (because of the snow) and I’m not going to see anyone again until next Summer..!


“So I guess it ends here.  We’ll go our separate ways and hope that we’ll see each other somewhere in the future.”


I don’t know what I’m going to miss more..  The people at college, the person I am when I’m there, or the place it’s self..?  But regardless, I’m going to miss it..

On the plus side..  Two more weeks and then I’m done for the next four months!!!  How awesome is that?!  I can’t decide what I’m going to do first when I get out..  Sleep, read, or work on my business plan..!  (Maybe I’ll fall asleep while reading, and dream about working on my business plan!  Three in one!)


As always, have an amazing day, smile, and enjoy the moments while they last.  Because they won’t last forever. ❤


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  1. Oh! I truly enjoyed how you described everything you see in and around the campus. I love how you described each class you are taking. I am homebound for awhile, and I felt like I was reading a book and you brought me right to college this morning. :)Jen


    • Aww, thank you! ❤ Although half of me wonders why on earth you'd WANT to feel like you're at college, the other half of me totally gets it, and wishes I didn't have to leave this place quite yet. I'll have to spend the next few months snowed in at home, so I'm really trying to enjoy finals week. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Snowed in?? Oh! No! I just posted about winter and how I try to get through it! 🙂 We do not get any where near the weather I did when I lived in Nebraska, Chicago, Indiana, and Colorado. Stay warm! :)Jen

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, I remember the easy winters when I lived down south in Tennessee and Georgia. I’m thankful for the chance to get snowed in here quite honestly! I love the snow, I just hate having to drive in it. 😛 I hope that you stay warm as well, and that this winter isn’t too crazy for you (weather wise OR family wise)!


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