It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..

WOW is Christmas really taking over this house..  I have made so many Christmas goodies for friends this past week that I’m officially sick of the smell of peanut butter fudge and no-bake cookies!  Over a dozen boxes of goodies, along with a cookie tray of fudge and cookies, have been prepared today for bringing into school tomorrow.  (I have now realized that I have way too many friends..)

The snow is gracing us with it’s presence this morning (even though I TOLD it to wait until after college was over), and has turned everything outside into a cold and bright winter wonderland.


Christmas cards are written, sealed, stamped, and out in the mailbox today.  One more thing checked off the list for Christmas! √


With so many things checked off my list this morning, the rest of today is scheduled to be spent on studying for my finals tomorrow (something I’ve been doing all weekend).  Wish me luck!


What have you gotten checked off your winter list?  Is it even winter time where you are. or are you enjoying a nice cold drink on the beach somewhere?

Enjoy winter as much as you can this year, try not to let the stress get to you, and be careful on those icy roads!


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  1. Deanna, this is such a fantastical post! ❤ I LOVE everything about it! ❤ Your wrapped Christmas gifts are so lovely and your homemade edible gifts look absolutely delicious! I wish I could have one of each. Or more! Your cards are precious too! ❤ 🙂

    As for my list, I'm going to use tomorrow to fill out Christmas cards and then send them off. More like sticking them inside the mailbox so our super cool mail carrier can send them off. Then my husband and I are going to shop for our older children and family friends. And for our awesome neighbors as well. I think this weekend, (P.S. I still wanna purchase a unicorn hat from you for my friend Laura. I may be able to do so this Friday. I'll keep you updated.)

    The pic of the snow outside your home is lovely and makes me feel all cozy inside. It's been pretty cold where we live in North Carolina. But no snow…yet. Last year was a winter wonderland, which is not the norm for this area. Anyhow, happy studying!


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    • Lol, the ‘wrapped Christmas gifts’ are actually collapsible boxes. 😛 I don’t think I would have had the patience to actually ‘wrap’ them all! And I’m honestly so glad to get these goodies out of this house! If I have to smell one more batch of fudge I think I’ll be sick! (I’ve made 7 batches total this week!)

      It sounds like you’re right on schedule with the holidays as well! (I still haven’t figured out what I’m giving all of my family for Christmas yet. But I can GUARANTEE you that it won’t be sweets!)

      I love the snow, but I’m seriously hoping that it doesn’t interfere with driving to school tomorrow. After Friday, it can snow as much as it wants! As long as my family doesn’t have to drive in it, the snow is welcome! (Maybe I should be careful what I wish for…) I hope that you get plenty of snow this year as well, so that you can enjoy a nice winter wonderland again! ❤

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      • LOL at me thinking you wrapped all those presents. Still, they look great! ❤ You are so awesome to take the time to bake goodies for all your friends and family. What a blessing to have someone like you in their lives. ❤

        I made a list of who to shop for and I'm sooooo looking forward to purchasing and wrapping up their gifts. (Can't wait to purchase one of your unicorn hats for Laura as well. )

        No snow yet, but it's been SUPER cold. Lots of frost. My husband said we may be getting freezing rain tomorrow. Ugh! I hate the ice…it's SO dangerous! But snow can be more manageable. Safer.

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      • Yikes! Be careful on that ice! Ice is terrible to drive on! But maybe you’ll get snow afterwords..? At least with some snow over the ice, it gives you a ‘bit’ more traction. :/

        And I love all of my friends, I couldn’t help but make them all goodies. ❤ Next year though, I think I'll just give them all a candy-cane and be done with it.. 😛 This year, gifts were exhausting! (And I still haven't figured out what I'm getting my family!) I wish you luck in finding stuff for all of your family and friends! It's so tough to shop for people these days.. Best of luck to you!

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      • Nah. I think you’ll create some more awesome homemade goodies next year! ❤ 🙂 ❤

        We never got freezing rain…just rain and coldness. I sent out some Christmas cards today along with little prizes inside them. Well, my husband took them to the mailbox for me 'cause of my back. I may have to sleep in a this chair. Ugh.

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  2. Lol, teamwork! XD That’s great that you never got the freezing rain though, that stuff really bites! And you’re probably right, I’ll still end up making goodies. But at least next year I’ll have my mother back to help me with all of the baking stuff. So that’s a plus! (And maybe I’ll have my own kitchen by then.)


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