Finals are done, I’m finally free!

Today has flown by so fast, and boy do I have a story to tell you guys!

So this morning as I was practicing for my oral exam in Spanish today, and I decided to get my cozy little room ready for when I returned from my final day of college (for the year).  I made my bed, collected all of the stuff I thought I would need for a relaxing day of reading, and placed it all on my bed to greet me when I returned home.


I was so ready for today to be done so that I could come home and find my book and fuzzy PJ’s waiting for me!  (I wanted to leave early just so that I could hurry up and get home.  Yes, I’m aware that that’s not how that works, but still..!)

After grabbing the fudge I had made for my Spanish class, I hurried out the door with my brother and we took off for college!


Today was honestly so perfect, that it almost felt like I was living a movie at times:


On the way to college, my brother and I had one of those ‘sibling bonding moments’ that you normally only see in movies.  We practiced our Spanish with each other the whole drive to college, correcting each other when we got words wrong (or couldn’t remember the words) and taking turns asking questions to each other in Spanish that we were sure the teacher would ask us.

When we got to college, my Spanish class loved the fudge!  The test didn’t take as long as I thought, and although I’m not sure how ‘well’ I did, I was proud of my brother for getting his questions right. ❤

After the test, I went to go sit with my friend Kenna for a while while she waited for one of her finals.  While I was there, a friend of mine (who also happen to be my brothers friends) came up to say hi to my brother and I.  When I asked him how he knew my brother, his eyes went huge and he looked from my brother, to me, before responding with ‘you guys are SIBLINGS?!’

Sigh..  You know, I don’t really understand why everyone freaks out when they find out that my brother and I are related.  Is it really that uncommon that siblings are going to college together?  Or maybe it was because we act like such good friends instead of ‘fighting siblings’ that it confuses people to find out we’re siblings..?  Or, maybe he was just shocked because my brother and I look nothing alike.  Ether way, everyone seams to react that same way when they find out that my brother and I are related..

Anyways!  After a while with friends, I went to the Student Activity Center (which we all call the SAC at our school) to see if I could find one of my friends that I made a goodie box for.  I was determined to sit there and wait to see if he would come in, because he was always there, so that I could give him his box and go home.  (His box was the last one I had to deliver.)

While I sat there waiting to see if my friend would show up (spoiler alert, I had apparently just missed him), I watched as the busy room fill and empty with people, and the staff put up some last minute Christmas decorations.

While I was there waiting, another ‘movie magic’ moment happened..  (Two in one day!)

This guy (who I’ve seen quite a few times around college) came up to me and asked me why I was sitting alone.  I told him that I was waiting for a friend, who may or not show up, and that he was more then welcome to sit with me while I waited.  (He was also sitting alone, on the other side of the SAC.)  We ended up talking for about half an hour before he had to go take a final, and I thanked him for keeping me company while I waited.

Although I was disappointed that my friend didn’t show up, I was ecstatic that I had met another person at college!  I don’t know why I still get shocked at how friendly everyone is here, but everyone at this college is so nice that it’s easy to forget the terrible things that exist out in what my grandmother calls ‘the real world’.

Not long after this, I decided to give up and go find my brother so that we could go home..  (But not before we could stop at the dollar store and buy a bunch of goodies as a ‘yay we’re done with our Fall Semester’ treat!)



When I got home, I walked into my room and breathed a sigh of relief.  Not only were my fuzzy PJ’s and a good book waiting for me, but my grandparents were also gone!  I managed to get a nice quiet house to relax and read in for a few hours!  (And eat ice cream while watching TV of course!)  The perfect end to a perfect day.

All in all, today was a great day that made me I feel like I was living a movie!

I love when life decides to surprise you with a great day! ❤ I honestly feel so blessed today.  I’ve got amazing friends, a strong and close family, and the ability to somehow attract luck and all things great my way.  I don’t know how today could get any better, but considering I’m going to spend the rest of the night reading under a full moon until I fall asleep, and I get to sleep in tomorrow, that sounds pretty good to me!


I hope that you all had a great day, and that tomorrow will make you feel like you’re living in a Christmas movie as well!  Have you ever had a ‘movie moment’ in your life where you’ve just felt like you were living in a movie?  What was it?  Comment bellow!


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  1. Deanna, I LOVE your setup! Super cute pajamas, hoodie and socks. ❤ Congrats on finals and all your schoolwork. 🙂 I'm so HAPPY you and your brother had a wonderful living-in-a-movie kinda day at school. Very cool! I've had a few days like that too. Just the other day, actually. But it was more like a moment.<3

    Were you able to do your nails? Is that green nail polish? I just bought some black polish. How's the reading going? Okay, off to another post of yours.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks! Lol, the ‘moments’ are still just as good as the ‘days’. And Christmas seams to be FULL of those ‘living-in-a-movie’ kind of moments. Although, whether or not those ‘movie moments’ are comedies, dramas, or horror movies is up for debate. XD (Personally, my family can classify as a drama movie quite often..)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hehe–>family drama. We’ve had more of our share of those too! But the past five months have been very pleasant and full of blessings. ❤ Except for being sick this weekend and my back going out. Wah!


      • Amen to that! ❤ 🙂 ❤ So happy to catch you online. Perfect timing.

        P.S. I really LOVE all your recent posts, but especially the one with the pics of your homecoming treasures (your books, headphones, pjs…), the homemade food gifts (not the boxes. LOL!) and the one you posted today: Dating with Anxiety. I have to comment on that one in a bit. Husband is on his way and then dinner. And Amazon prime. Talk to ya soon and hope you have another wonderful evening of being FREE! ❤ And reading! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol thanks so much for reading them! (It’s been a real struggle to keep up with finding stuff to write about for these Blogmas posts!) And you’re right, perfect timing! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your dinner! And I hope that you’re having just as good of an evening/night as I am (minus the being sick part)!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, Deanna. How’s your day going? And what’s the status on your reading? 🙂

        I’m doing a little better. I’m able to sit, get up and walk…very slowly and cautiously. Hoping to be good enough (healed) for Friday and the weekend.

        I’m gonna work on a video update about Smile Journey today and tomorrow. I have to address Month 1 Week/2, Month 1 Week 3/4 and Month 2 Week/1. Then I switch out aligners again tomorrow: Month 2 Week/2. I’ve been busy with other stuff then being sick and throwing my back out, which is why there’s a major delay in my updates.

        Anyways, what do you have planned for today? ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey! Glad you’re feeling a little better! I can’t wait to see the progress on your Smile Journey, but don’t push yourself too hard. Make sure to rest up!

        I’ve been reading most of the day and I’m half way through one of my books now. I got so distracted reading that I looked up and didn’t notice that it was already dark outside! Oops..! Maybe tomorrow I will put down the books and computer, and then maybe I can get some stuff done around here. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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