Update on the Homestead

Well everyone..  We’re not off to a good start to the week.. 😛

I was outside feeding the cats the other day, when I slipped on ice and fell on my butt/hip!  I didn’t think much of it at first, because it didn’t hurt at the time, so I went about my normal chores and housework.  But BOY did I feel it later that night!  And the next day?  I could hardly move it because it was causing me so much pain! (Thank goodness I have a high tolerance to pain)

With my leg not able to cooperate with all the work I had to do, I had my brother do a few things around the house for me, and I very slowly did a few myself.  But for the most part, I just sat on my bed or in the living room with a heating pad on and off my leg all day.

I got a few new things up on my Etsy shop, and I’m adding more today!  But it’s a slow process with my leg all banged up..  I’ve been preparing some things for Spring and the upcoming holidays and I’m trying to replace all of the Christmas stuff that is still on there.

Thankfully, with the help of a heating pad and some essential oils yesterday, my leg is feeling a lot better today, but I’m still having to hobble around everywhere, and I’m still moving slow.

To add to my leg trouble..  I was doing laundry Sunday (as Sunday is my laundry day) and in the middle of doing laundry the dryer belt broke!  So now there is a giant clothes rack in my room, more laundry being done today and dried on the rack, and all of my clothes feel stiff..

My brother has taken over feeding the outside cats for the time-being and I’ve warned him multiple times NOT to slip on the ice and hurt himself..  That’s all we need is for me AND my brother to not be able to do stuff around the house..

I’m hoping that this week gets better, but my sore throat and upset stomach this morning is warning me that the sickies I had last week are making a comeback, and it is only Tuesday..  Wish me luck, and I hope that everyone else’s week is off to a better start than mine!



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