The Art Of Letter Writing

I write quite a few letters to a handful of pen-pals I have around the U.S. and I am considered by many to be ‘old fashioned’ in how I write my ‘snail mail‘ to my friends..

((Read below and comment on whether or not you agree that my method is ‘old fashioned’ OR ‘just what people need!’))



First thing is first; Write the letter!  (I didn’t realize until AFTER I had sealed the letter that I forgot to write the date at the top right of the letter..  Oops..)  I normally write my letters in cursive, unless I’m writing to one of my younger friends who don’t know how to read it.  There is just something about the way cursive looks that makes my letters look so formal.

I normally write about 1-2 pages (front and back) for my letters, making sure to catch my friends up on everything that’s been going on here, and asking them plenty of questions about their life so that they don’t have to think to hard about what to write back about.

One of my favorite things about writing letters to my friends is that I can write so much about my life and catch people up on what’s really happening.  Sure, writing letters doesn’t allow for instant feedback from your friends.  In fact, it normally takes months for me to hear back from any of my friends.  But you know what happens when you talk to your friends on Facebook?  You get a one word responses..  “K”  “Cool”  “NM”  “Yup”  I hate that!

But with writing to someone, you get a whole paragraph back (or sometimes nothing back at all) about all of the questions you asked.  People are more willing to write more in a letter, then they do on ‘Facebook Messenger’ or even ‘Email’.

Writing is a way to release what you’re feeling or thinking.  By writing your heart out in a letter, you’re not only letting your friends know that you care, but you’re getting to know your friends on a much deeper level!


Next step; Add something pretty!  With me, I normally send pictures that I’ve colored.  But everyone adds something different to their letters, and it really depends on whom I’m sending a letter to.

My friend Mary and I send stickers back and forth.  We’ve been adding stickers to our letters since we were little kids.  We’re both in our twenties now, and we still make it a point to send stickers in our letters.

My friend Bill and I used to send stickers, but we started sending coins back and forth when I moved to Germany.  I made it a point to send a coin to him from every country I went to!

My friend Molly and I have sent many things back and forth to each other.  Mostly though, we have this tradition where we ask each other three questions at the end of our letters (silly stuff like ‘what’s your favorite color’ and ‘what’s the weather like there?’) and then we answer the three questions we were asked by them from their letter.  (This is one of my favorite traditions with writing.)

With some of my friends, I sent happy quotes.  With others, I used to doodle all over their letters.  And with one friend, I would add inside jokes to the end of my letters.  Everyone is different, so every letter should be different as well.



Final step; Put it in an envelope!  Remember to address it, stamp it, and decorate it!!!  You could add some stickers to the envelope, or get creative and add in some doodles!  I always like to add a wax seal to my letters as well.  (Some say that it’s a little over the top, but I think that it is so cute when you get a letter in the mail and it looks as cute as this!) ⇑⇑⇑

SAM_0226I personally love my wax seal!  I have always wanted one (although I was leaning more towards a ‘Hogwarts’ one, I decided on a ‘Celtic Knot’ instead) and when I found this little beauty, I couldn’t resist getting it for myself!  I hope to get more stamps later on that go with the different seasons or holidays, but for now my celtic knot is perfect!  I loved watching those old movies where someone would write a letter to a loved one, and then seal it with a wax seal.  It just felt so magical and old fashioned. ❤  (And I’m nothing if not magical and old fashioned!) 😉

I decided to decorate this particular letter with a vine and flowers to celebrate the coming of Spring.  I love to make every letter I send special, because after all, the people receiving them are all special to me. ❤


Wouldn’t it be nice to go out to the mailbox, filled with joy and anticipation?  Knowing that when you reach the mailbox, there could be more than just junk mail and bills in there..  Knowing that there could be a little surprise waiting for you in the mail from a close friend..  Knowing that someone could have taken to time to sit down, write a letter, and sent you a little part of their life..  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Now I know what you’re thinking..  “No one would ever take the time to do that for me..”

Well, why not surprise someone by being the first to act!  You’ll never get a letter in the mail if you don’t write first!  So get those pens out, grab a stamp, and write a letter to someone!  I promise you, you’ll make someones day!  (Whether they decide to write back or not..)


Have you ever written to a friend?  Do you have pen-pals that you write to all over the world that you write to?  Comment below!

I challenge all of my readers to write a letter to someone!  Anyone!  Make someones day by letting them know that you cared enough to send them a letter!  It doesn’t have to be a long letter (heck, it’s taken years for me to be able to write letters as long as I do), it could be half a page of writing.  It doesn’t even have to be a letter!  Send someone a picture you drew/colored/captured with a camera, with a note that says ‘thinking of you’!  Just send SOMETHING!  I promise you, you’ll make that persons day, and you’ll probably leave them smiling for a whole week!

As always, smile 🙂 have a great day ❤ and get to writing!


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