Can Homeschoolers Go To College? (And other stupid questions I was asked when I graduated)

When I was in second grade, my brother and I went from going to public school, to being homeschooled.

When I was younger I absolutely loved being homeschooled!  I belonged to a homeschool group, I had lots of friends, and school was fun!  As I got older though and school became harder, as much as my mother tried to make school ‘fun’ it was anything but..

No matter what though, I wouldn’t have wanted to go to public school, and I’m glad I was homeschooled.

Now, I’m not bashing public school!  Public school is great in its own way, and it offers kids tons of amazing opportunities that homeschooled kids have to work their butt off to get!  But with my family moving every few years, public school was a sick joke for my family because we’d only be in a school for a year or two before having to moves schools again!

We had a lot of people (family included) tell my mother that ‘homeschooling’ wasn’t ‘real’ school..  (Insert eye-rolling here..)  Wherever we went, these usual stereotypical questions followed;

“How do you socialize?”

“How do you make friends?”

“So your mom teaches you everything she knows?”

“Does your mom have a teaching degree?”

“Is she allowed to teach you?”

“Isn’t it against the law not to be in school?”

We got a lot of stereotypical questions during my homeschooled years, and most of them were from family and close friends..!

Yeah, we socialized!  Yes, my mother was allowed to homeschool/teach us!  And no, it’s not against the law to be homeschooled (although we have had the cops show up once and threaten my mother that they were going to bring us to school ‘where we belonged’)!

My brother and I learned all of the core subjects that everyone else learned and THEN some!  My brother was reading college books (for fun) by the time he was in middle school, and I was more socialized than half the people I knew!

When it came time for my brother and I to graduate, we got even more stereotypical questions (not to mention rude questions) that rolled in from family and close friends;

“Can you go to college when you haven’t been to a ‘real school’?”

“How can you go to college when you don’t have transcripts?”

“Do you get a diploma when you graduate?”

“Are you going to be able to socialize at college and talk to people?”

“How are you going to make it in the ‘real world’ when you’ve been so sheltered?”

Sigh…  Homeschooling IS a real school.  Yes we got a diploma AND our transcripts!  And as for the last two, really!?  Seriously?!  How do YOU make it in the real world?!  (Shakes head..)

My brother went to college a year after he graduated, and is still taking college classes at a local college alongside me!

I took a few years off after graduation (for personal reasons) before I went to college, and it’s been the best time of my life now that I’m at college!

I laugh at all of those people who thought that my brother and I couldn’t go to college just because we were homeschooled, and I have more friends at college than I can count on my fingers!  In fact, I actually had the privilege of meeting two girls in my Spanish class that were, yup that’s right, HOMESCHOOLED!  And one of them was 15!  Way to go for the homeschoolers!

When I went in to sign up for college last year, I had no trouble at all signing up just because I was homeschooled.  In fact, the college I’m going to is actually a homeschool friendly college (probably because they truly understand how smart us homeschoolers are) and they love homeschoolers coming there to take classes!

With more and more families turning to homeschooling for their children’s education, why do people still insist on asking silly questions??

So let me tell all of those like me who were/are homeschooled and planning on going to college..

“You’ve got this!”

“You’ll probably be the most social one there!”

“You’ll probably meet another homeschooler while you’re there!”

“Ignore the haters!”

“You’re going to love college!”

“The real world isn’t as scary as people tell you it is!”


Just because I was homeschooled, doesn’t make me any less capable of going to college like everyone else!

So, no matter if you’re homeschooled or public schooled..  The world is yours, seize it, have fun with it, and don’t let anyone tell you that what you learned in life isn’t ‘real’.

Have a great day, smile, and remember that everyday is a chance to learn something new. ❤


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