Celebrating Imbolc

After (Spring) cleaning all week in preparation, Imbolc was finally here!  What is Imbolc (you may be asking)?  Great question!

Imbolc [pronounced im-bulk] is a Celtic holiday (celebrated all around the world) marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  It’s a time when the first signs of Spring start showing up (normally in the shape of a snowdrop flower) and the time when we remember that winter is not forever and that Spring is on it’s way.  Traditionally, if the weather is sunny and good, bad weather follows for the rest of the winter.  If the weather is cold and stormy, then it’ll be a mild winter.

I made no-bake cookies (both peanut butter and chocolate), decorated the table with candles, snow, good smelling incense, and bay leaves, and even printed off some coloring pages for my grandmother to color for the day!

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We spend most of the day coloring, eating goodies, and relaxing after a week of cleaning.  My mom even helped to celebrate the day by decorating her table as well and making goodies to enjoy for the day.  She cleaned her house as well, but she would have done that whether it was Imbolc or not because she is moving out of that house soon and finally moving back home later this year! ❤ ❤ ❤

At the end of the day, I started a fire outside in the fire pit and tried my best to enjoy the warmth of it while the wind and snow swirled around me.  (I didn’t stay out there long because of the cold wind and the snow, but it was a pretty fire.)

While my grandparents and I were enjoying our nice cookies and coloring time, my brother had taken the morning to drive a good friend of his somewhere.  On his way back home however, his ‘quick drive’ turned into a ‘long wait’ as my car (I insisted on him taking mine because the roads were icy and his truck didn’t have 4WD) decided to stop working..!  Thankfully, my amazing Aunt who lived not too far away came and picked him up and my Uncle took the car back to their house late last night and is now fixing it.  Thank god for family ❤  We gave them some no-bakes and lots of hugs last night when they brought my brother home, and thanked them a lot for bringing my brother home.

The fact that we are halfway through Winter gives me hope that Spring will bring new luck with it.  The snow here this winter has been almost non-existent and it keeps snowing, melting, snowing, and then melting again!  I wish that the weather could just decide what it’s going to do, do it wholeheartedly, and stop with this back and forth crap!


Are you guys excited that Winter is half over?  Are y’all ready for Spring?  Want to see more picture from my Imbolc?  Click the Facebook link below!


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