Homestead Update

Well, we’re finally flu free in this house!  Bedding is washed, everything is disinfected, and we’re starting to get back into a routine around here.

Sadly, since a lot of stuff has happened while we were sick (like the dryer belt breaking), there is a lot to catch up on around here..

This morning, we had finally decided to say goodbye to half of our outside kittens that have been running around.  We’ve had way too many cats showing up for food and they are starting to eat us out of house and home.  I have a feeling that some were dropped off around the area, because some of the cats have just appeared out of nowhere and don’t really act like ‘outside cats’ (they come right up to us, they let us pet them, they don’t hunt, etc.).


We managed to capture seven little kittens and put them in cages in the back of my car.  My brother and grandmother then drove over to the local animal shelter to drop them off.  When they returned an hour later, my brother came inside to tell me that the shelter wouldn’t take them, and put us on a waiting list to be able to take the cats..!  All that hard work of getting them in cages this morning, only to let them right back out at the property an hour or so later!

Thankfully, the cats don’t seam scarred from their ‘morning adventure’ and they are now happily running around the yard again… 😛 ((But now we have to feed all of them a little longer, and the weather is only going to get colder!))

While my Brother and Grandmother were off on their little adventure, I was busy at home setting up a secret project for my grandmother and I to do.  (It was ‘supposed’ to be to cheer up my grandmother after dropping all of the cats off at the shelter…)  I had a few pop bottles that a family friend had given me a few months ago for a project that had never gotten done, and I had decided to repurpose them into bird-feeders/houses.



We ended up having a blast making the birdhouses/feeders, and I hung one of them outside my window. ❤

We each made two. (The two on the left are my Grandmothers, the two on the right are mine.)  I LOVE the beach themed one that my Grandmother made!  I made the purple one for my mom, who’s favorite color is purple, and the blue one has a porch to keep the rain out! (That’s the one I put outside my bedroom window.)

After making the birdhouses/feeders, we took a nice long nap before cleaning up the table.  I wanted to end the day on a high note.  So, as soon as I finish writing and posting this Homestead Update, I’m off to make some Lasagna for the family! ❤

I hope that everyone else is having/had a great day!  Remember, no matter how crappy the day starts out as, there is always something you can do to turn it around! 😉  Smile, breathe, and see the good in the world.


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  1. Deanna, I HEART the birdhouses you and grandmother made. They are sooooooo cute! Purple is one of my fave colors too! 🙂 I also love how close of a family you all are. ❤ Glad y'all are feeling better too.

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