Today was an amazing day!


Okay, so I didn’t expect today to go well at all!  In fact, I thought it would be an anxiety filled disaster!  Thankfully for me, I got it wrong..


I started my day super early when I woke up at 6:00 and couldn’t for the life of me get back to bed!  Why?  Because this day was important.  Monumental.  Critical for my near future.  (And tiny bit anxiety inducing..)  Today, I took my permit test (again).

For those of you who are new to my channel, I actually took my permit test last year for the first time.  However, due to some family and personal issues I wasn’t able to get my licence before my permit expired.  Then when the winter hit, and I couldn’t drive at all!

At the beginning of this year, I made a promise to myself and my family that next time my parents came up for a visit, I would go in and take the test again.  Well guess what..  My parents came last week and on the calendar my test went!

I was actually planning on taking the test this Wednesday, but starting tonight this week is going to be nothing but pure snow and ice..  SO, it got bumped up last minute to today.  And boy was I trying my best to stay calm!

While waiting to leave to go to the Secretary Of States Office, I could feel myself getting anxious and jittery.  So I cleaned my room, made my bed, and laid a pair of pajamas on my bed for when I came home from this anxiety inducing trip.  (Bonus; I came home to a clean room, fresh PJ’s, and a soft and inviting bed!)

When it came time to go, my brother took me over to the SOS Office (the stupid GPS took us to the back of the building and I had a mini freak out that that was NOT the SOS Office) and he waited with me for two hours while I filled out paperwork, and took my test, and did a lot of waiting.  It was a LOT easier getting my permit the second time!  Not only did I do better on the test, but all they needed from me was my State ID (last time they needed so much paperwork and proof of residency that it was ridiculous)!

After passing the test AND getting my permit, I was on a very rare anxiety high and I wanted to enjoy it!  (*That happy -and rare- moment when you don’t have an anxiety attack and your anxiety leaves you alone for the rest of the day!*)

My brother and I went to a local favorite pizza place of ours, grabbed a big pizza (half cheese half pepperoni), and brought it over to our college to hang out with friends and surprise them with a big pizza!  We even brought some pizza over to my friend Sabation who was working at the time and couldn’t leave the help desk!  It was so nice to see all of our friends again and catch up over pizza before everyone had to go back to classes.

After everyone went off their separate ways, my brother wanted to go back to town and get a pizza to bring home (and I wanted to go next door to the candy shop and get myself some celebratory candy for getting my permit again).

When it came time to go home, I DROVE!!!


It felt so nice to get back in the drivers seat again!  I found out that I actually MISSED driving!  My brother laughed at me because I was singing and laughing about the fact that I actually got to drive again.  But who cares what he thinks!  I GOT TO DRIVE!

I was actually sad when I got home because it meant that I had to wait another week or two before I could drive again, because of all of the snow that’s on it’s way.

On the plus side though, my grandmother was gone for the day which meant a long shower, a nice nap, and a good book in my hands for a few hours in a quiet house! ❤

When my grandmother finally did come home, my brother and I helped her carry in the many bags from her shopping trip, and I got ice cream after dinner!  Talk about a perfect end to a perfect day!

Now the only thing that could make this day better is to get on my video games and play some zombies with strangers. 🙂  What a great day! ❤


((I am currently editing this right now while video chatting with my mom, and we are entertaining each other while making funny faces on Messenger.  I kept telling her that if she kept making funny faces, I was going to take a picture and add it to the end of my post..  She wouldn’t stop making faces…  So here is the picture!))


I hope that this picture doesn’t end up in your nightmares!

Have a great night everyone!  Smile, tell your family you love them, and don’t forget to enjoy the little things! 😉


  1. What a great photo of you and Your Mum. Congratulations on getting your permit. I love the freedom of just getting in my car always have. So glad your anxiety was manageable well done. Such great planing to have the clean room fresh Pjays and bed.

    Liked by 1 person

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