Learning to Drive and Taking a Mini Adventure

Monday was a big day for me..  After getting my permit LAST Monday (SEE HERE) the snow had finally melted enough to go driving!

With that said, my amazing friend Kenna had told me last Monday that she would take me driving this Monday and it was something I had been looking forward to since I got my permit again! ❤

Not only did I get to go driving (for four hours!) this Monday, but we got to visit a park along the way where I got to take pictures for my first ever ‘Small Town Hidden Gems‘ post!


The day started with me taking my brother over to the college to meet up with my friend Kenna.  I drop my brother off at the school to hang out with friends while us girls went driving around.  I jokingly told him that I would be back in a few hours, and then practically dragged my friend out the door because I was so excited to drive.  (I didn’t actually think we would be out for a few hours..  Oops, sorry bro!)

We started making our way over to a little town named ‘Lawrence’ that is a bit of a drive away, so that we could practice ‘small town driving’ before I learn to drive in a ‘large town’.

It took about an hour to get there, but it was worth it.  When we got into town and started driving around, Kenna asked me if I wanted to stop at a park she knew of there.  I of course agreed excitedly and told her that I was actually looking to start a new series on my site for ‘Small Town Hidden Gems‘.  She told me that this park was the perfect hidden gem!  (She wasn’t kidding!  This park was truly a perfect little hidden gem!)


We spent about an hour or so at this amazing wooden park, exploring the maze of wooden passages and taking pictures for my blog post.  We then sat down in the sun to chat and take a whole bunch of selfies, before having to head back to the college.

Finally when it was time to go back, I stopped at the dollar store to get us both a tub of ice cream (as a thank you to my friend for taking me driving) and we got these really cute flower clips!

Sarah Kenna and I

They sold them in groups of three, so Kenna and I each took one and gave the third to our friend Sarah when we got back to the college (to drop off Kenna and pick my brother up).  I had my brother take a picture (you can see his shadow in the picture) because we all looked so dang cute! ❤

Personally I think we looked like the three amigos, but I kind of with that I had a fourth flower for my brother to clip to his shirt, since he’s part of our squad as well!  I honestly don’t know what I would do without my amazing group of friends.

I had a great day driving around and it was so fun to laugh and hang out with my friend.  It felt so normal to drive around with her, laughing and joking as I got used to driving.  She tested me on my road knowledge in between random talking points, and I learned a lot of stuff that I will need to know for the driving test.  I feel like I am finally on the righ track to getting my licence soon and I had a great time with a friend.  Win win!


I want to say a huge thank you to my brother, for letting me borrow his truck to go out driving.  A huge thank you to my amazing friend Kenna who took me driving AND let me practice parking in her old school parking lot.  And a thank you to my friend Sarah, for keeping my brother company and for always being there. ❤

To see more pictures from my park day, click here!

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  1. Oh, Deanna, this post is adorable! It made me smile and feel so happy for you! ❤ 😀 ❤ I LOVE your loving and loyal group of friends and family. So heartwarming. Congrats on practicing your driving, the trip at the wooden park, the three matching flower pins and all the fun y'all had.

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