Homestead Update: Spring Carrots!

I went for a walk in the garden yesterday.  I was missing the smell of dirt and the green signs of new life and I was hoping to check on a certain batch of carrots that my mother had convinced me to keep in the ground over the winter.

To my surprise, the carrots were still alive!  (This was my first time growing anything over the winter.)

I couldn’t resist plucking a few from the ground and having them as a snack right then and there!  (After I cleaned them off of course!)

Fresh from the garden!
All cleaned up!


They weren’t very big carrots, but they were enough to give me a few bites each and were perfect for a nice little snack!

I even had my brother taste them, to which he said: “Yup, tastes like a carrot.”

Sigh..  My brother doesn’t understand my excitement for growing food.

This is the first batch of carrots in three years that has actually grown!  I don’t know what I did right, but I’ll try to do it again this year!



  1. I share in your wonder at growing carrots, that the taste of these overwintered beauties to me would be so interesting to discover the taste of overwintered carrots. If I have any success with mine, I will leave some in to have the same experience. Glad to know it worked for you so well. I am in awe.

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    • I honestly still can’t believe that leaving them in over winter actually worked! I still go out every once in a while to check on them and see if any more are big enough yet to pick because they are still growing!


      • I have read that in so many older gardening books. But as I said I have very little luck with carrots yet! It is so good it gives you another great veggie to access in winter. With no need of pickling it all.

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