Keeping life ‘normal’ and how to stay safe during these hard times.

I get it.  Words like ‘Pandemic’ ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘Self Quarantine’ can have us all worried out of our minds (and in my case, thinking about the show ‘Doomsday Preppers’)..  I’ve noticed that it’s scary to some, and an ‘inconvenience’ to others.

So why are people quarantining themselves in their houses?  (Especially if they don’t even have the virus?)


Self quarantining and keeping life ‘normal’.

The reason people are staying out of crowded places and choosing to stay home is so that they (or others around them) don’t get sick or spread the virus.  Sure, I’m young, I’d probably survive no problem if I were to get sick!  But what about my grandparents that I live with and take care of?  What about my parents that just came for a visit?  What about my friends and their loved ones?  THIS, is why people are ‘self quarantining’ in their houses; to stop the spread of the virus.  Because even though us younger folks may survive, is it really worth risking the lives of others?

One thing that I’ve noticed recently is that this virus really isn’t affecting those of us that live on homesteads and/or homeschool our kids (or are/were homeschooled ourselves).  This is because most of our days are already spent at home working!  Because of this, we go about our normal days, getting our Spring gardens in and working on crafts for the upcoming markets.  We have a sense of normalcy in our lives, and this helps us to cope with the fact that something terrible is happening all over the world.

What about those people who still have to go to work though and can’t stay home all day?  A sense of normalcy would be nice for them, but it’s harder when you’re exposed to potential hazards everyday..  I get it, it’s hard to think that you could be exposed to whatever is out there, and even worse to think that you could bring it home..!

Staying home isn’t always an option.  I know that..  So, my advice for those of you who still want to go out and are annoyed that everything is shutting down and closing is:  Please understand why everyone is doing this!  Even though YOU might be fine if you get sick, others may not be.  And that’s really why everyone is self quarantining themselves.  To protect others, as well as themselves!

What should we be doing to help stop the spread of this virus?

Remember to remain calm.  This is something that people tend to forget so easily.  When people start freaking out, that’s when the looting and hysteria start to kick in..  This is not the end of the world!  Our governments are doing a great job to protect it’s people from this virus, and we need to remember that all of these closings are set in place to protect us!  We can do OUR part by remaining calm, going about our days as normal as possible (while still taking the extra precautions needed), and by limiting the places we go.

Wash your hands!  Please please PLEASE wash your hands!  I don’t understand who on earth wasn’t washing their hands before this (besides people who had no running water or no way to wash their hands), but please do so even more right now.  We all need to pretend like we are all Sheldon Cooper and disinfect everything!!!

Get out and enjoy some fresh air!  Self quarantining yourself doesn’t restrict yourself to JUST your house.  Remember that fresh air is always a good thing!  While everyone is keeping to themselves and staying locked up in their homes, they tend to forget that they are doing this to stay away from people, not the outside.  Even ‘I’ tend to forget this and stay inside a lot.  But why?!  There is no one around me at all!  So why am I telling myself that I have to stay inside all day?  Get out and enjoy some fresh air!

Travel through books!  Although people are sad that they can’t travel anywhere, there are many ways to travel without leaving the house!  Whether you choose to read a book, watch a movie, or watch some travel vlogs on YouTube, these are all excellent ways to travel all over the world (or all over space and time if you watch Dr. Who like I do) without ever leaving the house!

Slow down and talk to loved ones.  Yesterday I read somewhere (although for the life of me now I can’t remember where..) that the best thing this virus could do for us is make us slow down in life and enjoy the little things like ‘family dinners’ and ‘reading a good book you’ve been putting off’.  And you know what?  That person is 100% right!  Kids have to stay home from school now, which causes more family time.  Some parents are now being forced to stay home (whether because of no work or because of travel bands) and spend more time with their families.  People are calling loved ones to check in on them, and neighbors are checking in on neighbors.  I can’t tell you how heart warming it is to hear all of the amazing things people are doing for one another during these tough times.  People really are incredible and are coming together more than people think or give humanity credit for.


I myself am under self quarantine with my family and we are only going out when we absolutely have to!  I am currently spending my days working on my blog, getting the gardens ready for Spring, crocheting things for this years Bluegill Festival, or curled up with a good book.  I currently have my driving lessons with my friend put on hold for the moment, and I am doing my best not to go stir crazy in this house..  You would think that as someone with anxiety who hates leaving the house, being locked in the house would be a dream come true!  But as soon as the option to leave my house was taken away, I felt just as trapped as everyone else..


Comment below on what you’re doing to help stop the spread of this virus, and if you have any tips or tricks on how to stay healthy and sane through this all.  Don’t forget to spread some love through the comments or on Facebook for all of those out there who need it. ❤  Please remember to remain calm, wash your hands, travel only through books/TV/the internet, slow down and talk to loved ones, and as always smile. ❤ 🙂 ❤

*A special message to all of my blogger/vlogger friends out there:  I hope you are all staying safe and are doing okay through all of this!  Hang in there and know that my thoughts are with all of you right now!  ((HUGS))



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