Michigan ‘Spring’ Time!

Easter Decorations covered in snow.

This is what happens when my grandmother decides to put the winter stuff away too soon..  I warned her not to put anything away yet and I insisted that my stuff stay out.
24 Hours later, this is what happened:

So pretty but NOT WANTED!
So much for welcoming in the Spring weather..
Those pine trees are pure bliss. ❤
Even the Easter Egg Tree?!  Really?!
Those poor decorations..

All of our pretty Easter/Ostara stuff is covered in a few inches of snow!  The roads are pure slush!  And the outside cats are divided on whether or not to like the snow.

Poor Explorer can’t explore..
Harry looks like he’s just as fed up with the snow as we are!
Hermione loves the snow, but refuses to walk anywhere but in my footprints.
Spitfire doesn’t seem to like the snow..


What do you think of our ‘Spring’ weather?  It is kinda fitting for here in Michigan, but like I said before, very unwanted..

I hope those in warmer climates are enjoying your early garden plantings.  Oh how I envy you and your warmer weather right now..

Like always, smile, laugh at the unexpected, and stay safe out there y’all! ❤


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