Compost Dreams Come True!

My compost is ready!  Finally after countless months of stirring, adding stuff, stirring some more, and putting it in a bin to sit for the winter, my compost is ready to use!

Mixing my compost with equal part dirt (and a bit of water) I mixed up a perfect compost for seed starting this Spring!  Although it isn’t ‘quite’ warm enough for starting seeds yet here in Michigan, I did put the compost into containers to warm up in my tiny greenhouses while I waited for the day I could start my seeds!

This couldn’t have come at a better time.  With no one being able to leave the house, a trip to the store to get ‘proper’ dirt seams silly!  Especially since I worked so hard to make my OWN!

My pretty compost mixed with the crappy dirt from the property.  The perfect combo for the perfect soil!
Just some of the trays I filled for seed starting.

With only a tiny bit of compost mixed with dirt, I was able to fill up four and a half trays for starting seeds in!  That’s plenty for my first batch of transplants!

Sigh..  Warmer days can’t come soon enough..  I spent a good half of the morning counting seeds and trying to make a game plan for my gardens.

Has anyone else in colder climates started their seeds yet?  How soon does everyone else start their seeds?  Is anyone else thankful for compost this Spring??  Comment below!

As always, smile, stay safe, and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! 😉


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