Enjoy the little things

Yesterday morning I made a nice cup of hot tea and sat on the front porch to enjoy the loud thunderstorm that was slowly approaching us.

The rain picked up and the thunder got louder, but I was content right there on the front porch, sipping my tea and enjoying the nice warm breeze that came with the storm.

When my tea was gone, I exchanged it for a book.  I went through one of the homesteading books I got last Christmas and looked up an easy bread recipe that didn’t require any yeast (as we didn’t have any on hand but I was still hoping to make bread).  To my luck, I found a nice recipe that fit all of my requirements.  Simple, no yeast involved, and ingredients that I had.

Later that day, I took up a game of Zombies on my X-Box 360 with a good friend of mine (online of course).  We both laughed, joked, and talked about how our families were doing and what we had planned for the day.


When night came, I snuggled myself on the couch with my cat and watched the movie ‘Trolls’ with my grandparents.  (I had seen it before, but my grandmother hadn’t, which made for some funny reactions from her.)

After the movie, I made sure to video chat with my mother to ask her how her day was and wish her a goodnight like I did (almost) every night.


This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a bright light shining through my bedroom window.  We were predicted to get possible tornadoes today, so the fact that the sun was actually shining was a happy surprise!

After feeding the indoor and outdoor cats and getting ready for the day, I just couldn’t resist the pull of the sun any longer!  I yearned for the feel of the bright sun on my face!  I hadn’t seen the sun in days (curse the Spring and all its rainy days) and I wanted to enjoy it for however long it lasted.

As I ran to the door to put on my coat, hat, and gloves, (Yes it’s really that cold here) the sun must have heard my wishes and decided that it didn’t want to oblige to them today.  As I stepped out of the house onto the front porch, the sun was suddenly nowhere to be seen..  Hidden behind a wall of clouds, it was determined to foil my plans of walking to my swing and swinging in the pretty sunshine.


However, I was determined to sit and wait for the sun like a stubborn child who was just told they had missed the ice cream truck.

Sun or no sun, I decided that as long as I was out there I was going to swing!


I love my swing that a member of my ‘extended family’ had made for me!  It was hand made by a good friend of ours, had my name and an arrow burned into the seat, AND was sprayed with a weather proof spray. ❤


My plans were again foiled by the nasty wind as it burst through the trees at a blustering 30 MPH and the sky grew darker..  As my hair whipped at my face and stung my eyes, I jumped off my swing mid-air and ran to take shelter in the house.

I am now sitting in my room again, looking out at the dark storm windy skies outside, and counting my blessings that I have a warm house to shelter in.


In times like these, we have to remember to enjoy the little things and always look on the bright side of life.  I am constantly trying to remember to slow down and enjoy the little things (now that everyone has a little time to slow down).  Everyday I make sure to take note of all of the little things that make life great right now, and enjoy the little moments that life gives me.  I hope that all of you can do the same. ❤

That’s it for today, I’m off to get some work done and to find some more little moments to enjoy.  As always, smile, stay safe, and enjoy the little things!

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