My NEW New Year Goals for 2020

For those of you who haven’t read New Year Goals for 2020 please take a moment to go check it out before reading further..

Great, now that you’ve done that let’s get onto my NEW New Year goals for this year!  (Let’s face it, most of you aren’t going to click on that link and are just going to read on..  That’s okay, I’ll catch you up on what you missed down below.)


As we all know, a lot of plans are being put on hold all around the world as more and more countries are placing a ‘stay at home’ order in place.  Because of this, a lot of New Years resolutions will go broken or abandoned..  This time not from lack of effort, but because it is actually impossible to complete them right now.

Because of this, I encourage everyone to re-write their New Years resolutions (or New Year Goals) to fit into this new way of life right now.  Because despite what everyone thinks will happen, this will be the new way of life for the next year or two.

With that said, I myself will be re-writing my New Years resolutions today!


At the beginning of the year I set these goals for myself:

  • Take more College classes
    • The college is currently shut down and all classes are currently being held online for the rest of the Spring semester and possibly Summer too (online school is not my cup of tea).
  • Revamp my website ✔
    • I already revamped my website at the beginning of the year.  Check that one off my list!
  • Hire help for my Etsy and Facebook
    • I can no longer afford to hire a friend to help my with my online stuff.  However, this may still be up in the air for next year.
  • Move out
    • As my grandparents need me more than ever now (especially to get groceries for them) I will be staying put for now.  My friend (who was going to move out with me) has also decided to stay at home during these hard times  Right now is a time for families to stick together, so that’s what we’re doing.
  • Put my gardens on hold
    • Because I won’t be moving out this year, my gardens are no longer be put on hold.  In fact, because of all of this craziness, my gardens will be bigger and better than ever this year!
  • Write more travel posts
    • Because of all of the travel bans, I will no longer be able to do a travel section in my blog like I wanted to.  Right now this is being put on hold for a year or two..
  • Go to the local Farmers Markets
    • Unfortunately, I truly think that farmers markets are going to be few and far between this year with everything going on..  So there is no way I’ll be able to do this.


Now instead of focusing on what we can’t do, let’s look to the future on what we can do!  My NEW New Years Resolutions everyone:

  • I plan to workout more.
    • This includes taking more walks, shooting my compound bow, stretching in the mornings, and doing a plain old workout before bed.  If I’m going to be stuck on the property more, than I need to get back in shape..
  • I’m going to strive to learn something new everyday!
    • Whether it’s by watching videos on YouTube, reading an informative book, or just scrolling through interesting facts on Pinterest, I vow to learn 1 new thing every day!
  • I plan to do a better job of keeping the Farm Girl Homesteading Facebook Page updated.
    • That means more gardening jokes, more farm related YouTube Videos (of other people), more content from other homesteading bloggers, and most importantly more updates from right here on the homestead!
  • I will enjoy the little things.
    • Whether it’s stopping to smell the flowers, drinking my morning tea on the front steps, or going for a walk and watching the constant change of weather in the sky.  I want to enjoy this ‘slow down’ of life while it’s still here.  Last year my brother and I were always running around (for; college, friends, family, errands, etc.) and it was rare if we actually stayed home for more than three days in a row.  Right now, we’re being given the gift of time.  I plan to use this time to enjoy the little things in life.
  • Grow my gardens.
    • At the beginning of this year I said that I was going to put my gardens on hold.  Because of recent events, I will be continuing my gardens as normal (if not better than normal).
  • Eat healthier.
    • This is one that I feel like is on most peoples list..  Given an odd twist of fate, I’ve been given the rare opportunity to be FORCED into eating healthier as there is no way for me to run into town and buy candy!  Because of this, I am choosing to embrace this healthier life style with open arms.  I’ll admit that it’s been tough to go through candy withdraws, but maybe it’ll be worth it..?


That’s it for my NEW New Years Resolution list.  Not too long and perfectly reasonable for being stuck at home for the unforeseeable future.

What are some of YOUR new goals for this ‘new year’ so to speak?  Are there any goals on your list from the beginning of this year that you can still accomplish?  Comment Below!

As always smile, be safe, and be thankful with the things you have. 💕



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