Things are a-changin’ around here!

Hello everyone!  Wow it’s been a busy week…!  I’ve done quite a few projects over the past few days and I wanted to share them with y’all!


First thing’s first, I painted the front steps!


I not only added a fresh coat of paint, but I also sanded the rails (they were a minefield of splinters)!  It looks so pretty!  My grandmother and I have stopped quite a few times while going up the stairs just to admire them! ❤


I build a fire pit!


I have actually been wanting to do this for years now and I finally got my grandmother to agree to the idea of putting one on the property!  Well, here it is in all of its glory!  My brother and I built it (AKA: I built it and my brother brought the bricks over to the spot I wanted them) and surprised my grandmother with it.  She was so shocked and absolutely loved it!


The house got a ‘compost’ upgrade!


We now have a compost jar inside!  Thank goodness too!  I was so tired of running outside every single time I wanted to put something in the compost before someone threw it away!


We have a cardboard basket too!  Although the ‘basket’ part is only temporary until I can find something else to put the stuff in.  With the new fire pit, I plan to do some burning here!


And finally, this one was my Grandmothers idea!  She knew that we would throw stuff away, completely forgetting about this new indoor compost system, and I would get upset later.  This was our solution!


There have been some REALLY great additions to the homestead this week.  I’m most excited for our new compost jar in the house!  My compost will better than ever next Spring AND we can save on trash!  (My attempt at trying to go a little more ‘zero waste’ in this house is underway!)

Are there any new Spring projects that YOU have been able to get done in between the constant rain showers?  Comment below what they are!

As always smile, have fun, and enjoy the sunny days!



    • Great question! Any cardboard with a waxy cover over it (like most boxes from the store) get used as fire starters and aren’t very good for the compost. I mainly compost the toilet paper rolls and any non-glossy paper that gets thrown into the basket. Plus, the wood ash from any burning day can be added as a great addition to the compost as well! 🙂

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