Spring Flowers and Giveaway Winners

It’s spring time in Michigan and you know what that means!?  Posting pictures of the pretty flowers around the property while I pretend that it ISN’T snowing outside right now..!

*Closes eyes*  “It’s totally sunny and warm outside!”






*Opens eyes to see an inch of snow on the ground and the thermometer saying 30°*  “UGH!”


Now onto happier things..  The winners of the 2020 Easter Seed Giveaway!

First let me say a quick thank you to everyone who entered for the giveaway!  You are all awesome and I was so glad to see so many people interested in gardening!

Now, let’s take a moment to say congratulations to our five winners!

Congratulations to: April, Alison, Jacquelyn, Cristine, and Allie!  Our five winners that will all receive a packet of Zinnia seeds of their choosing!  From my homestead to yours, thank you. ❤

I was so amazed that everyone had gotten back to me so quickly and it was so fun to host this giveaway and see so many people who were interested in gardening!  Thank you all for signing up and I hope that the winners enjoy your new zinnia seeds!


Comment below if you think I should do an Easter Seed Giveaway every year and make this an Easter tradition, or if this should be a one time thing?

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and don’t look outside your windows if it’s snowing!!!


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