Quarantine Rainbows!

With everyone (hopefully) staying safe at home during these tough times, people are posting pictures of hearts everywhere!  So my family is hopping on the bandwagon!

((If you haven’t heard about this new craze called ‘heart hunters’, it started out as a way to let neighborhood kids go for ‘safe’ walks away from others and count how many hearts they could find in peoples windows.  It has bloomed into so much more in the past month as people from all over the world tape hearts in their windows and use chalk to draw hearts on their sidewalks to brighten up the world as we are all trapped at home and getting lonely.  It is a way to tell people: there is still love and hope in the world!)) 

My grandmother got bored on day and got tired of seeing everyone else post pictures of hearts in their windows, while she had non.

So what does she do about it?

She spends a whole week cutting out hearts and taping them into rainbows to put in the windows..

We may not get a lot of ‘people traffic’ on our road, but we do get a LOT of farm traffic.  We hope that the farmers (and you) like these pretty hearts. ❀





Just something to brighten your day and bring a smile to your face today.

Comment below!  Have you put hearts in your windows for everyone to see as well?  What are you doing to pass the time during these tough and scary times?

I hope you all are staying safe and entertained out there!  Remember to smile, hug call your loved ones, and ‘just keep swimming’! 🐠🦈🐠


  1. I have got rainbows in my window and I have seen loads about in my area. (I live in Nottinghamshire, UK.)
    I have seen the hearts on the internet, but did not know there was some new thing going about. I just thought people were getting creative with a new way of doing rainbows.

    With no travel allowed unless necessary, I have come up with a lot of staycation ideas. My latest was over this weekend, a cat theme.

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    • Lol, way to be creative! πŸ˜‚ My idea of a ‘staycation’ is to watch travel videos on YouTube and pretend I’m really there! It would be even more fun if I had a treadmill so that I could ‘walk’ with the youtubers on their adventures.

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      • Yes, that’s a good idea. I am limited with my Internet, as I have only so much internet a month. My allowance is enough for me what I need it for and if near the end before renewal its enough to watch a You Tube video, I would do that, but for me it’s mostly dvd’s.
        I have seen people suggest that as a staycation, but not the treadmill part. So a good idea.

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      • DVD’s are still an awesome way to watch movies/TV shows! I’m a bit odd when it comes to what I find ‘fun’. To me, a nice two mile walk down the road sounds like a blast! πŸ˜‚ To others, I’m sure that watching a nice YouTube video of OTHER people walking around places sounds more fun.

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      • Oh I like my walking, so I totally get you. But since the virus thing, the only walking I have been doing is to and from work, as well as grocery shopping once, or twice a week.
        I have avoided my favourite walks with not being able to control what others do when it comes to 2 meters distance.

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      • Oh I hear that! I take walks around the lake at my mother’s house and thankfully there is hardly anyone who walks there. Most of them are out in the water, and the ones that ARE out walking follow the safe distance rule.

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