How we’re getting through this..

First let me start by saying that we are doing just fine here on the homestead. ❤ Better than fine actually, we’re thriving!  Since my little family live out in the middle of no where, we honestly didn’t go out too much to begin with (and we still don’t).

Something I don’t bring up a lot is that I live with my grandparents.  I moved in about three years ago to help take care of my grandfather, who has Alzheimers disease.  My brother moved in last year to help out as well, and to have a place to stay while we both attended college.  Living with our grandparents isn’t always fun, but we’ve banded together as a strong family to wait out this virus.

Because of my grandparents age they are very susceptible to Covid-19 (obviously).  My grandfather even more so with his disease.  We have been careful with everything and riding on the side of caution when it comes to going out anywhere.  As much as we wish life was ‘normal’, we know that it isn’t and that it won’t be for a very long time.

Now, I’ve mentioned that life is pretty normal here because we didn’t go out much to begin with, but a lot has changed since this virus hit the U.S.

  • The college my brother and I go to has shut its doors and has moved everything to online.  (Meaning my brother and I won’t be attending summer classes.)
  • The jobs that my brother and I wanted to get this year to save a little extra money for moving out is a no-go.  (We don’t want to bring the virus home to our grandparents.)
  • We can no longer go see our friends anymore..  (Except for the occasional drive-by.)
  • My parents (who are currently trying to retire from the Military) are stuck on Base during a lock-down and we don’t know when they get to move back home to Michigan.  We don’t know when we will get to see them again.  (Base lock-down = no one in, no one out..)


Despite all of the stuff we can’t do, there is still plenty of stuff we can do!

♦ If the weather would ever stop dipping below freezing, we could finally get seeds in the ground!

I am truly itching to get seeds in the ground and start planting stuff!  Sadly, mother nature has decided that every time us Michigan homesteaders want to start planting, she wants to send some frost or snow our way!


 We have been taking this time to organize the house and the yard.

We actually just cleaned out a junk drawer and a drawer full of nails and screws yesterday.  We put a movie (or two) on and got to work organizing it so that we knew where everything was for future use!  I have also put some new compost containers around the house and property as well, so that we can be more conscious on what we throw away and be careful not to waste anything.


♦ I have had time to start working out again and I take better care of myself and my mental health now.

Although I have decided not to put my obstacle course up this year, I have been working out in other ways!  I still have my amazing ‘Zombies, Run!’ app that I walk to every other day and I’m proud to say that although I was out of shape a month ago, I’m walking 1-2 miles every other day! (Sometimes a few days in a row when I’m feeling extra hyped!)  I have also been working out in my room everyday thanks to Pinterest and YouTube for all of their suggestions on full body workouts.  As for my mental health, my anxiety is doing great! (Especially considering I never have to go anywhere, so there is nothing that can set my anxiety off!)


♦ I have been working on a top secret project outside that has been taking up all of my time and energy that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon!!

(Sorry, no pictures of the ‘top secret’ project until it’s done.)

I grew up in a lifestyle that caused my family to move around a LOT!  Because of this, I never really felt comfortable in whatever house/apartment/hotel/etc. we were living in at the time.  The only place I felt truly at home was in the woods, and there was almost always woods wherever we lived.  No matter where we lived, or what strange new place we moved to, I would always seek out the woods and built a ‘temporary home’ amongst the trees and the animals.  That’s where I belonged and that’s where I felt most like myself.


This lock-down in the U.S. may seem like a bad thing, and it is!  Businesses are going bankrupt, people are going mad staying at home, and spousal abuse cases have jumped sky high!

But lets not forget to focus on the bright side too!  Families are getting to spend more time with one another, people are coming together all around the world to spread hope and kindness to one another, and we are going to come out of this stronger and smarter than ever before.

We’re not even close to seeing the end of this virus.  It could be years before we see a vaccine.  Even then, life won’t go back to normal..  We need to continue to spread hope, kindness, and love to the world. ❤

As always, smile, remain calm, and look on the bight side!

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