Update on the homestead:

So, a week or two ago I talked about how my Amazon box was delivered to the wrong address.  It took me three days of calling and using the chat thing on their site to finally get a new box sent because they were adamant about the fact that it was probably still on its way..  Regardless, my replacement got here safe and sound the other day and the guy who delivered it was awesome.

‘What have I been doing besides sitting around waiting for an Amazon box and binge watching Netflix shows’ you ask?

Well, I’ve still been working non stop on my secret little summer project (that my family is getting impatient about with pictures).  I refuse to post pictures until it is COMPLETELY finished, and I think it’s almost there!  I’ll admit that it is taking longer than I expected, but the work keeps me busy non the less.

In further news, I also successfully cut everyone’s hair last night!  My brother and grandfather’s hair were getting rather long, and my grandmother’s hair needed a bit of a trim.  So my grandmother brought out the electric razor and told me I would be cutting their hair today!

(Before and after)

My whole family finds it funny that no one knows what to do now that no one can go out and get their hair cut at barber shops and hair salons..  But I honestly don’t know how I would have cut my brothers hair if my grandmother hadn’t have had the proper tools to do so, and not everyone has those things.  It was a fun learning experience to cut everyone’s hair and it made them all feel better too!  I’m honestly surprised that my brother trusted me enough to go anywhere near his head with a razor.  But then again, I trusted him last month to trim my hair with a pair of scissors, so I guess it’s good to know that the sibling trust we had when we were little is still there. 💕

That’s it for today!  As always, smile, stay safe, and remember that it’s okay to look your best even though you have no place to go. 🙂


  1. Awesome.
    My husband informed me I would be cutting his hair WEEKLY when he was enlisted in the USMC. That was 9 years ago and I’ve been doing it ever since. YouTube videos are super helpful- how have people not figured this out??

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  2. Hair dressers are allowed to open again with high hygenic standards again here in Germany. Of course only with an appointment, no walk-ins allowed.

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      • Well, they are trying to open up more here but also expect that the numbers will rise again at the moment there are around 1000 newly infected per day, and lower on some days. If the numbers rise again there will be closings again. We just have to wait and see…

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