(Poem) I am Army Strong

I am Army Strong!

I’ve braved an obstacle course 50 feet high,

I’ve climbed a rope wall and touched the sky,

I’m way too good at saying goodbye,

I am Army Strong.

My life is in boxes I’ll never unpack,

My family is strong and they have my back,

My future is unknown but I’m on the right track,

I am Army strong.


There was never a choice in where we were sent,

I followed my family wherever they went,

There was always an ear if I needed to vent,

I am Army Strong.


My father was sent to dangerous places,

While we stayed behind on the ‘safest’ of Bases,

When he would come home there would be tight embraces,

I am Army Strong.


My house was covered in Red White and Blue,

My family’s love was also our glue,

There’s nothing I knew I’d ever undo,

Because I am Army Strong.


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