Let’s talk about this..

Today I want to talk about the Corona Virus.  *Thousands of people sighing and groaning*  I know I know, it sucks, I’m just as tired of it being here as you are!  But lets TALK about it!  I mean really talk!

Covid-19 is a scary thing.  It’s killing people of ALL ages.  It has spread all over the WORLD.  And it’s split the world into two different types of people; 1) People who are running all over town for nonsense stuff and acting as if they’re fricken immune when they aren’t, and 2) people who wish they could be like the first, but have enough common sense to stay home and instead complain about how they can’t leave their house.

(Let’s face it, a lot of people are number two right now, just wishing they were number one..)

Covid-19 has put a lot of plans on hold for a lot of younger people, and it has utterly destroyed the lives of a lot of older people.  (In this case, I’m counting young adults and graduating teenagers in with the ‘younger people’, and people with full time jobs, houses, families, and anyone over the age of 30 in with the ‘older people’.  I mean no disrespect on actual ages.)  People are getting laid off, teenagers can’t have traditional graduations or parties, and getting money right now is a lot like mining for gold; risky and hard work.

I myself have had to put a lot of plans on hold.  I can no longer move out into a camper with my best friend.  Apparently, no one wants people coming over to their house and taking a look at campers on their property with the current Covid-19 threat hanging over everyone’s heads.  Shocker..  In addition to that, Summer classes at my college have been all switched to online because of the college closing down.  So all of my summer classes I planned to take are now being taken this Fall, which puts me behind at least another year in college.  And that drivers licence I was planning on finally getting?  The DMV is closed until further notice, and reservations for a slot in there are backed up for two months from what I’ve heard.  Great..

Don’t even get me started on how tough it must be for travel bloggers right now!  It’s bad enough that regular bloggers are struggling to keep up with blog posts when there isn’t much to blog about (I know I am!), but what about all of those people who make a living by traveling to different places and writing about it!  With all of the shut downs all over the world, and the risks that traveling to different places are putting on everyone, my heart goes out to all of the people out there who have to do that for a living! ❤

With all of this staying at home (for those of you who can stay at home), families have had the chance to slow down and spend time with each other.  Which is great right?  I mean, it would be, except that it means that all of those family members are getting on each others nerves and wanting to kill each other.  Families are not meant to spend months upon months right on top of each other.  They are meant to all have their own lives, their own hobbies that can keep their minds busy, and their own friends that they can go and vent to about how annoying their families are!  Phone calls are great and all, but it’s just not the same when you’re venting to your best friend and there’s a chance that your family member might here you talk bad about them..!


So as always, I hate talking about ‘doom and gloom’ without adding some good stuff too.  I always want to leave people with a smile on their faces.  With that said, here are some good things that have come out of this Virus..

With all of this scary Covid-19 stuff going around, people have been leaning to hug their families a little closer at night.  You never know who is going to be the next to get it, and it’s never a guarantee that they’ll come out of it okay.  If this has taught us one thing, it’s that family and friends are everything to us, and we would do anything to make sure that they are okay.

Not only are people remembering to love their families a little more, but people are learning to love thy neighbors as well. ❤ My grandmother is thoroughly enjoying the fact that the news is 90% happy stories about how people are putting hearts in their windows, checking in on their elderly neighbors, and spreading love, joy, and hope around the world right now.  Truthfully, I don’t think I remember a time in history when the news was ever this happy and inspirational!

Another great thing that this Virus has taught us is how to prioritize our needs.  Okay okay, it hasn’t so much as taught us how to prioritize as much as what we prioritize..  Hmm, food for my family, or a new pool table for the basement?  Let me ponder that for a moment..  What someone decides right there shows a lot about a person.  What we prioritize right now is showing us a lot about ourselves as well.  I’ve put off moving out so that I can stay with my grandparents during these tough times and help them out.  But I would also put candy and chocolate first on the list when making any trip into town to get groceries.  What does that say about me?


How is Covid-19 affecting YOU?  The good, the bad, and the beautiful!  Comment below and make sure to add something you’re thankful for because of this Virus!  Remember to keep your chin up, this won’t last forever..

As always, smile, breath, and focus on the good stuff.

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