Homestead Update: This Weather Sucks!

I’m all for rain and thunderstorms.  In fact, I love them!  But it has been raining non stop this week and I have not been able to get anything planted! ⚡☔⚡

The threat of frost is (knock on wood) finally over for the rest of Spring and I am finally able to plant my seeds for this year.  (Better late than never.)  The few seeds that I had started in my mini greenhouses had been killed off with the constant freezing temperatures as Mother Earth tried to rid this virus from her system.

The constant hot and cold switch of temperatures has caused the local farmers/homesteaders to ether loose their crops due to the freeze, or start late because of the threat of loosing their crops.

Like I said, I love the rain!  I love reading on the front steps while listening to the rain hit the tree next to me.  I love weeding in the rain and running my fingers through the mud.  And I love falling asleep to the sound of thunder through my slightly cracked bedroom window.

However!  It is the middle of MAY and I have NOTHING planted!  There is predicted to be two sunny days this week.  TWO!  And my yard will be pure mud by then!  Not a single ray of sunshine has broken through these clouds today, as the wall of thick grey clouds hovers over us like a blanket.  For someone who loves gardening, this weather really sucks..

I hope everyone else is getting better seed starting weather!  I’m so jealous of those of you who live in warmer climates and have their seeds started already!  (I’m secretly living vicariously through you!)

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and make your own sunshine! 🌞


  1. I totally understand! We had a river running through our front yard yesterday and had to dig a ditch so the water would drain from my chicken area. Hopefully soon we all get some nice warm sunshine. Hopefully you get your seeds planted on those 2 nice days.

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    • Oh no, I hope that your yard is going to be alright! I can’t imagine having to dig a ditch to drain all that water, the things we do for our animals! I’m hoping to get some seeds planted as soon as the sun comes out. Maybe I’ll weed the gardens a bit in the mean time, weeds are so much easier to pull out when the ground is muddy. 🙂


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