Homestead Update: The Flowers Are In!

Hallelujah!  All of the rain has finally stopped falling ‘and at last I see the light’! (Que Tangled song here.)

(↑Just imagine me talking to my gardens, instead of a boy, and you get the picture.↑)


So, because the beautiful sun has finally graced us with it’s presence, I was able to finally get some seeds planted!  Wooh!!!

I started with weeding the Veggie Garden, but it was so full of weeds that I quickly made plans to switch over to the Flower Garden the next day.  It took me two days of weeding, but doesn’t it look amazing?!  (I just love a freshly weeded garden!)


After weeding the entire garden (and getting a very nice sun burn on my arms), I quickly went to work sectioning off the garden to make my pathways and to see where the seeds would be planted.  After all, I had a LOT of seeds to plant!  Not only did I have the seeds that I saved for myself last year, but I had a bunch of seed packets that I never got to plant last year!  So I needed a lot of space for my many flowers to grow, while still having room for me to walk in between as well.



Doesn’t it look perfect?!  Last year I didn’t give myself enough room to walk in between the rows (I’m still getting used to the fact that some of the flowers are taller than me), so I made sure I had at least a foot and a half of walking space.  Fingers crossed I’ll have enough room to walk as these flowers grow tall and start stretching out!

I’ve actually been working out in my flower garden so much that the chalkboard on my bedroom door has looked like this for the past two days now! (I just took it off last night.)


I’ve not only been working in the ‘main’ gardens, but I’ve been working to get stuff planted in the many flower pots around the house as well!  My little zinnias are planted in every possible pot I could find, and some of the pots out back by one of the gardens have some ‘wild flower seed mix’s’ in them.

Of course, it’s not just flowers that I’ve been planting..  I’ve got a pot of lettuce growing in the flower pot garden, as well as a pot of onions.  In addition to all of the gardens I’ve been keeping up with, a new project of mine this year has been to start an herb garden!

With no room to put an herb garden in the ground around here, I decided to try a vertical garden for my herbs!  My Grandmother has this beautiful spiral pot holder that she never really uses for actual plants, so I thought I would stick some really (really) old herb seeds we had into the pots and see what grew.  Worst case scenario, nothing grew and we got rid of a bunch of seeds that were no good!


So that’s my weekly progress here on the homestead!  I’m trying to get into a new schedule for my blog, so I’ll be posting weekly Homestead Updates every Sunday from now on (until I ether forget, or decide on another way to do things around here).

But enough about me and my late gardening!  What have my fellow homesteaders/readers been up to this week??  Drop a comment below on how your week has been!  Have you picked up a new hobby this week?  Has your week been productive, or laid back and chill?  How are you dealing with this ‘new normal’?  Let me know below!

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and remember to plant seeds for the future (whether metaphorical or not 😉)!

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