Homestead Update: My Lawnmower is Sexist.

Well this week has been a real treat! Last week I talked about how I had finally gotten a lot of my flowers in, and even a few herbs!

THIS week, I rototilled most of my veggie garden (the rototiller konked out on the final two rows), planted some carrots and herbs in my flower pot garden, and I added some flower seeds to some hanging baskets so that I can surprise my grandmother with them.


I still have to finish rototilling my veggie garden all the way before I can plant stuff in it, but I am happy that the weeds are (for the most part) gone!

Yesterday, my family and I all spent a huge chunk of the day outside doing yard work.  We managed to get most of the mowing and weed whacking done, and I have a bit of a funny story to share with you all about yesterday..



Our push mowers have been giving us a lot of issues as of late and my grandmother had brought them over to her friend to fix.  So imagine my surprise when I couldn’t get the ‘fixed’ lawnmower to start up so that I could do the hill outside of the fence.

I tried pulling the starter again and again, nothing..  Finally, after a minute or two, my grandmother had seen my struggles and came over to offer assistance.  But even she couldn’t start the thing!

“Well, it was JUST fixed, I don’t know what’s going on!”  She exclaimed after a few failed attempts herself.  “I even made sure my friends grandson could start it before I took it home!”  She added.

“Well, maybe it’ll only start for guys.”  I joked, even laughing at my own joke.

My grandmother just shook her head, as if not believing the mower was really dead.

Getting suspicious now that my ‘joke’ was correct (and just for a laugh), I motioned for my brother to get off the rider lawnmower and come over to start the push mower..

He complied and in one swift yank of the cord, it starts right up!

I looked at my Grandmother, who looked at my brother, who looked at me with a confused look on his face as we both looked at him with our mouths open in shock.  The lawnmower, which wouldn’t start for my grandmother and I, started for my brother! (And the other guy!)

I quickly got to work mowing the hill as my grandmother started explaining to my brother why we were shocked that it started for him.  I could hear his laughter from behind me over the sound of the loud engine..

‘Sexist lawnmower..’ I mumbled to the lawnmower as I went to work on the hill.  I was careful not to be ‘too’ mean to it though, as I knew it would probably retaliate and break down before I could finish the hill..




Besides the constant ongoing yard work and gardening around here, I’m proud to announce that I have gotten a lot of work done online as well!  My Etsy is back up and running and it even has some new stuff on it!  I have also been keeping up with constant blog posts, Facebook posts, and constantly checking my email for my blog.

That’s it for this weeks update!  Check out my Facebook page for daily updates on what’s going on around the homestead and more!

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and don’t tick off your electronics or machines! 😉

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