Writers block

Ugh, don’t you just hate when writers block attacks?!  Out of nowhere, your ability to write is that of one year old; you write and write but nothing makes sense!  That’s what I have had for the past two weeks as I’ve tried (again and again) to write my ‘weekly debates’ I had promised you all..  I’ve went through countless subjects, written a few paragraphs (sometimes less), and then it’s like someone had unplugged my brain, and, NOTHING!

I apologize for making you wait two weeks before I posted anything.  That this was probably not what you expected to find when I finally DID post something too..

Writers block has had me so down lately that it has taken me two days (and multiple attempts) just to write out this short message to y’all!

I am taking a few days off to go clear my head in a tent, and then I’ll hopefully be back better than ever!

You guys are awesome. ❤ I’ll post soon!  Don’t forget to smile, have an amazing weekend, and stay safe while I’m gone. 🌄

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