My long break from my blog, and how I’m dealing with ‘Adulting’

Okay, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something.  I have been busy with so much this month that between work and writers block, I’ve haven’t been able to keep up with my blog very much!  (I apologize for that..)  I’m hoping to correct that now, however, and get back into writing everyday.

So, what’s been going on this month that has me so frazzled?


My parents came home this month!

My parents try their best to come home as much as possible for visits.  With my father being in the Military, it’s not too easy for them to visit and it’s normally not for very long.  (Anyone who has been reading my blog for a long time knows that things get ‘kinda’ hectic when they visit.)

HOWEVER, my father just retired from the Military (YAY!) and my parents are here for good!  So that ‘kinda hectic‘ has turned into ‘very hectic‘!

With them now home permanently, and them wanting to fix up their property, I have been over there a few days out of each week to help them out and spend time with them.  This means that I have to juggle my gardening, online work, and daily chores here at this house, with camping over at my parents house, getting work done there, and living part time on a property with no plumbing and an outdoor shower.

Welcome home mom and dad (and goodbye old simple life)!


I’m finally getting my Drivers Licence!

I know I know..  I’ve been saying this for a over a year now.. 🙄 But like the title suggests, I’m dealing with a LOT of ‘adulting’ this month.

I finally bit the bullet and I contacted the local driving school about booking an appointment for getting my licence next week!  Hurray… 😅 Now if they would just call me back so that I can actually book my appointment..


I signed up for Fall College Classes..

Sigh.  Where to begin with this one..?

First let me start by saying that I got a new student adviser.  (I really miss my old one..)

Second, the college is cutting back on a lot of classes this Fall because of Covid-19.  So most of the classes being offered this fall are core classes.

With that said, signing up for classes was a total nightmare!

I wanted to sign up for a bunch of business and agriculture classes.  However, four out of five classes I wanted were; not offered for Fall 2020, Full, or only offered for dual-enrolled students. (Why put it on the list if it’s only offered for dual-enrolled!?)

After being told that I could only have ONE of the classes this Fall that I originally wanted, I was given a list of classes from my student adviser that she ‘suggested’ I take for my degree.
(Because it’s too complicated to explain why I’m going for a ‘degree’ but also not really going for a ‘degree’, I’ll just leave you with a -somewhat- shortened and simplified explanation.  “I don’t want a degree, I just want to take college classes, but I have to look like I’m going in for a degree if I want the Military to pay for college.”  Now you’re all caught up!)
So on this list that my student advisor gave me was a bunch of core classes that I was told that I would need to take in order to get my degree.  Then I was told that I had been taking ‘too many electives’ (fun classes) that didn’t go toward my degree.  First off, I took ONE semester of college last year!  ONE!  And half of those classes counted towards ‘core classes’!  All my student advisor wants is for me to take core classes, and yet I HAVE to have electives in order to get a degree… 🤨  Oooookkkaaaayy..  Something doesn’t quite add up there, but I’m going to ignore it for now because arguing over email isn’t fun!

So without any other options for classes that I was interested in, and with a student advisor who was trying to push core classes at me, I tried to make the best of it and chose classes that ‘I’ thought would be good towards running a farm business.  (Because, after all, that’s why I’m going to college.)

What classes did I end up getting roped into taking, you ask?  Great question!  College Arithmetic, Environmental Science, Freshman English, and Principles of Sociology.  Sounds like a fun time right..? 🙄  Out of all of those classes, Environmental Science was the only class that I actually wanted in the first place that DIDN’T get taken off the list!  For the most part, I’m okay with the classes I’m taking this Fall (Except for Arithmetic).  So I guess that’s the bright side of all of this?


Gardening.. 🔥🌱🔥💐🔥

Gardening.  The whole reason I started this blog in the first place!  And how are my plants doing?  Well; considering I was not planning on gardening this year in the first place, and I’m using really old seeds, it’s going about how I expected it to..

The only thing that is growing in my veggie and flower pot gardens are lettuce, carrots, and beans..  That’s it!  Everything else refuses to grow!  The ones that are growing are because they are ones that I got last year and I still had some left!

The flower garden on the other hand is looking great!  I had plenty of seeds from last year that I had saved myself, so I planted every last one of those seeds in my flower garden (and some in the veggie garden) in hopes that I would have enough flowers this year to do a road side stand.

I’m growing what little I can with the seeds I’ve been given and I’m trying to look on the bright side with all of this.  Unfortunately it seams that everything I plant wants to lay dormant in the dirt, instead of growing.  If it weren’t for the seeds I saved last year, my gardens would look pitiful and barren instead of green and full of life like they are now!


So that’s the major things I’ve been dealing with this week.  Of course, there are a few ‘little’ things here and there that have kept me frazzled as well.  Like trying to re-home the baby kittens that keep popping up around here.  Or crocheting scrubbies and market bags with the hope that the Bluegill Festival won’t get canceled this year because of the Covid-19 Virus.  Throw in some Raccoons that keep showing up to eat the outside cat food and now you can see why I haven’t had enough time to write on my blog this month!

Life has been hectic and crazy.  But who’s life hasn’t been these past few months?!

This is where I leave you for now, but I promise that you won’t need to wait so long for my next post/update.  I hope y’all are continuing to stay safe and healthy.

Remember to smile, laugh at the little things, and keep an eye out for that rainbow after all of these storms!  💖🧡💛💚💙💜

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