Garden Update

Here is just a little update on how my gardens are doing, since I’ve so rudely left you in the dark about it this past month!

Above, you can see that my flower garden is growing very fast and somewhat full.  The Cosmos, Zinnias, and what few sunflowers I have are getting so big!  The sunflowers are already a foot tall, and some of the Cosmos are almost reaching that ‘1 Foot’ status symbol.  As for my Zinnias, they are growing slow and steady, but plentiful!

The beans and carrots are looking good as well.  In fact, I’m still finding beans sprouting up almost daily!  I couldn’t be more proud of the carrots for growing so fast too!  Last year I tried planting carrots in the ground and it seamed the only thing that grew were the top leaves.  The only thing I found when I dug them up this Spring were little tiny carrots smaller than my fingers.  Finally, I just gave up on the ground carrots and now I’m attempting to grow them in deep pots.

(Last years carrot crop..)

That’s it for my garden update this week!  I’m make sure to update you soon!  As always, smile, eat your veggies, and stop to smell the flowers. 😉

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