6 Ways To Homestead In The City

Not everyone lives out in the country, miles away from the nearest person, where they can grow acres of food on one property.  In fact millions of people actually choose to live in Cities rather than out in the country.  But just because someone chooses to live in the city doesn’t mean they aren’t homesteaders at heart.

Grow a balcony garden!

Don’t have a yard to grow things in (or maybe your landlord doesn’t like the idea of you tearing up their yard)?  Grow stuff in pots!  Not only would it help the earth if we were all a little more green, but you could get some delicious food out of it as well!  Grab some pots, buy some dirt, add some seeds and see what grows!


Go to a local Farmers Market!

Even if there are no Farmers Markets in your City, it’s worth it to drive a little ways out of the City for fresh produce.  Not only would you be helping to support a small farmer, but you would be getting fresh produce that hasn’t been shipped across the country and sitting on a shelf for two weeks.  (Unless you have a store near you that buys and supports local growers, then just shop there!)



Go Green!

One thing that draws a lot of people to the ‘Homesteading lifestyle’ is their love for this planet.  What a better way to save this planet then by going green!  Something as simple as switching to a bamboo toothbrush, or replacing your plastic bath scrubbie with a more eco-friendly one, can do a lot in the way of saving the earth.  (Check out more ideas for going green here and here.)



Learn to make it, mend it, or do it!

Instead of going out to eat, learn how to cook what you were going to order at home!  Rip a hole in your favorite shirt?  Instead of throwing it out, learn how to mend it!  Take a class on bee keeping even if you can’t have bees, because it’s a great talent to have and you might get some honey out of it!  Learning small skills like that will stay with you forever and you’ll be happy you learned them.



Go for a walk and enjoy nature!

Do you love to spend time in nature?  Go for a walk!  A lot of people may not think that there is much ‘nature’ in a city, but if you really open your eyes and take a look, there is more than you think!  Birds make their nests all over the city.  People grow potted plants on their front steps all of the time.  Know where a local park is?  Go for a walk there!  Nature always finds a way in, even if in the smallest of forms.  So take a walk and find it!



Find Homesteading Blogs (such as this one)!

Whether you are a homesteader at heart, or you just like talking about green living; a great way to keep the dream alive while living in the City is to live vicariously though other people!  So maybe you can’t grow ‘acres’ of food, or have twenty chickens running around your back yard.  Support the people who can!  Whether you’re watching them on YouTube, or reading their blog (hi there! 🙋‍♀️), you’re supporting what they do so that they can keep doing it!  Learn from them, talk to them, keep your passion for homesteading alive and inspire others to do the same!



No matter what you do, or where you live, always follow your heart and your dreams.  If you want to homestead in the City, then you homestead in the City!  If you want to make your own soap, then you make your own soap!  If you want to make this planet a little better, than you make this planet better!  No one can take knowledge away from you once you learn it, so what do you have to loose?

Comment Below!  Do you homestead in the City?  If so, do you have anything to add to the list?  If not, what do you recommend people in the City do who want to homestead?

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and remember to just be you!

((This blog post was inspired by my Aunts who live in the city, but are still homesteaders at heart.  I love you both! 🧡💖))


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  1. there are definitely so many ways to do more with what we all have whether we are in apartments or small houses in the city or the ‘burbs or lucky enough today be on some land. I grew up in the ‘burbs and my mom had a massive garden where most people would just have loads of grass. I live in the city the majority of my adult life but grew tomatoes in pots in my driveway (as it was the only place there was sun all day) or little pots of herbs on my kitchen window sill when I was still renting. In Portland they always had Fix-It fairs, where people did workshops for free to teach all those types of things you’re talking about. it’s where I learned about lasagna gardening and how to make yogurt and how to prune trees, the latter I thought I would never benefit from but years later is a totally awesome skill. Now that we’re out in the country we actually learn more from Pinterest and YouTube sites, everything from how to butcher a chicken to covering up an old window 😁. When I first started blogging 12 years ago I started documenting my eco-friendly actions like you are on your blog, then I tried each year to up the ante and go next level. I think those incremental changes and improvements are what we can all strive for no matter what our circumstance. 😊

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