Two steps forward, one step to the side.

As my plans for buying my own plot of land to start a market farm on get more solid, I have successfully secured a job to help bring in a bit more money on the side for ‘said plans’.

As I will be returning to college this Fall, the job I got is only a part time job.  However, I am someone who believes everyone should do things to benefit their future.  So I didn’t just get any ol’ job, I got a job working as a cashier at a local store.  I’m hoping that it’ll help me gain the experience I need, working with both people and money, so that someday I can run my own stand at a farmer’s market with great success.


Between college and work, I will be trying my best to keep everyone updated with my story.  Last year, I made sure I had posts lined up in advance so that I still had something to post for you guys even when I was super busy.  This year, I plan to do the same.  But I would like your help to do it!

Whether you’re just visiting my site for a day, or you are a long time subscriber, leave a comment below on what you would like to see me write about this fall/winter!  Want more ‘homestead updates‘?  Like the ‘Week in the life of..‘ series?  Want me to talk more about anxiety or the Military?  Or are you just in it for the recipes? 😉  Are there any homesteading topics that you would like to know more about?  Or should I post more funny storiesLeave a comment below!

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and enjoy your summer while it lasts!


  1. As someone who hasn’t followed you long, I would certainly be interested in hearing more about homestead. This was how I first found your blog, through looking up homestead type blogs.
    I’m all ears as they say reading on homestead topics. Although all will not apply for me, there will be things I can still take away when one day having my own place, in the town I live and growing my own veg again, but on a slightly larger scale then I did before, growing veg I haven’t done before.

    Maybe some herbs too. But growing herbs will be new for me. I can’t remember if that’s something you do too.
    But I will be interested reading some of your other posts too. 🙂

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    • I’ve tried growing herbs in the past, but the soil around the property I live at now doesn’t seem to want to grow them (something I hope will change when I get my own place). I’ve been meaning to write about the subject of herbs and why more people should be growing them. Great suggestion! 😁👍

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