Homestead Update

Over in the flower garden, the Zinnias and Daisies are taking off  like crazy!  What’s really crazy is that they are blooming a month sooner than they are supposed to!  They haven’t even reached maximum height, and because I got them in so late (end of May) I’m surprised that they are blooming at all right now!


Because the flowers are all blooming early, I thought that it would be a good time to start my flower stand!

Last year, my garden produced so many flowers that I felt like the house was being over run with flower bouquets!  This year, I am hoping for just that as I have decided to put up a flower stand and try to share my flowers with others.


This Spring, I worked hard to paint colorful signs that would grab peoples attention and show them that there were flowers here.

Fingers crossed that people will actually stop! 🤞

Speaking of flowers..  The little Zinnias that I planted in the pots out in front of the house have been in bloom for about two weeks now and they are breathtaking every time I walk by them!


As for the flower-pot garden; the carrots are continuing to grow 10x better than they ever did in the ground.  What little lettuce the drought and sun didn’t kill off are almost ready to pick.  And the onions will be harvested today, hurray!

Over in the veggie garden, the pole beans have reached the tops of their cages and are starting to show signs that beans will be growing soon!



With the gardens practically taking care of themselves now, I am free to just relax and watch all of my hard work grow and bloom.  (And by relax, I really mean: get my butt going on everything that needs done before school starts.)

I hope y’all are having an amazing day!  As always, smile, have a great day, and don’t work too hard!  (Also, don’t forget to check out my Facebook for more everyday homesteading things!)


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