Garden Update: Things are okay..?

Let’s talk about gardens..

We all know that things grow when they want to grow.

We also know that checking in on your gardens everyday is a great way to spot a problem before it gets serious.

And finally we know that plants need time and attention, as well as solitude and space.

So you would think that I would remember all of this while I’m tending my gardens every other morning. But with my new job causing me to sleep in more and more (not a good habit to have right before the Fall Semester of College starts up) I have had less time in the morning for the thing I love the most.. My morning walks!

This morning during my morning walk, I found some good things and some not so good things..

Since I’m all about keeping things positive at the end, I’ll talk about the bad thing first..

The bad: I found my carrots and lettuce poorly under-watered! I knew this would happen eventually.. Honestly, it has been such a sunny year this year that I would have been shocked if this hadn’t have happened at least once. I have watered them this morning, and I shall keep a close eye on them for the next few days to see if they will perk back up. I’m sure that they will be fine, but it pains me to see them like this..

Now for the good: I found yet another sun flower in my garden and I have decided to save all of the seeds from them this year instead of picking them for bouquets. This way, next year I’ll have way more sunflowers than the ten or so that are up right now in my garden. The tricky part now is just keeping the birds away from them long enough to save their seeds (but I have a plan for that)!

The flower garden is looking nice and full this year, and although I haven’t had time to weed it this year, I have been using that to my advantage. Most of the ‘weeds’ that are growing in the ‘walk ways’ are decorative grasses and they are being used as fillers in my flower bouquets. No pulling weeds, and I get a pretty filler for my flowers! Win win!

I have also allowed the ‘weeds’ to grow in my veggie garden for the same reason. After all, ‘The difference between a weed and a flower; is judgment’.

Speaking of the veggie gardens.. I have beans growing!!! I am going to leave the first few beans alone and use those for the seeds, as there are never enough for everyone when you pick the first batch. Soon enough though, we will get to harvest and eat these lovely pole beans. ❤

And last but not least, before I finish this post, I wanted to leave you all with a picture of our tiny zinnias that are growing in pots out front! I love that there are all of these orange ones, and then ONE little white one. These orange Zinnias are really getting me in the Fall mood. ☕🎃🍁

That’s it for todays update! Comment below on what your thoughts are about weeds! Friend or Foe? Do you weed your gardens? Or do you put those weeds to good use?

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and pray we get rain soon!!! (Because we really need it!)


  1. Weeds are foe for me. it took 2 years when one time I had a garden, to get it established where weeds did not grow and instead plants took over the space that much, that I only had the odd weed. So took 10 minutes, every fortnight.

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    • I was right there with you a few years ago! 😅 When I first started gardening, I was out pulling weeds for HOURS every week! I was so obsessed with having a weed free garden! I’ll admit, there are a lot of weeds out there that are bad for the garden because they soak up all of the water and leave none for the plants, or they crowd out the plants all together. But this year I’ve just accepted them as part of the garden. 😂

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