10% Sleep 90% Over Thinking

So last night, I couldn’t sleep..

It wasn’t because I had just come home from working 8 hours and my feet were throbbing. (Yes I need to get new insoles, and yes I’m working on it.) It also wasn’t because my Grandparents were in the next room watching TV and that was all I could hear. (Okay, maybe partially that..) It was because I was up worrying about everything under the sun and my mind decided ‘Sleep?! Why not stay up all not and make lists for things that are for weeks/months/years away!’

Next week I start school.. I’m happy to be going back! HOWEVER, they’ve shown us pictures of what the college looks like now with all of this Covid prep, and it is going to be a LOT different from the college I know and love. First off, we have to wear masks everywhere (not that big of a deal, I wear one seven hours a day for work anyways). Second, all of the tables and chairs are sectioned off so that there are only 1-2 people per table are allowed. This includes in the class room, as well as everywhere else all over campus (eating area, game area, library, etc.). This is going to make socializing practically non-existent this year

The up side..? I won’t have to make an outrageous amount of Christmas goodies this year for all of my ‘new friends’! My friends and I are already talking about / planning on different places that we can sit outside and be together. We are even going to bring blankets so that we can sit on the grass together! Unfortunately, we’re not sure quite what we’re going to do on the cold and rainy days, besides sit in someones car perhaps.. But hey, at least we have a plan right?!


So last night I thought about different places that my friends and I could set up our little blanket on campus, and how our schedules were all going to work out.. ➡

This of course, got me thinking about the short window I had in between getting out of college and going to work the same day.. ➡

Which of course got me thinking about how I was going to have time to get my homework done.. ➡

Then I worried about how I was going to get my brother (whom carpools with me because his truck isn’t 4WD) dropped off back at home, and still make it to work on time when there is ice on the roads and I can’t drive over 25MPH. ➡

Thinking about ice on the roads got me thinking about how I can’t wait to get my own house that isn’t on an icy dirt road that hardly gets plowed. ➡

This, in turn, got me thinking about my future house, which got me thinking about money. ➡

Thinking about money made me think about the new budget I just made for myself to help myself save for a down-payment on my future homestead. ➡

That lead to me laying there in bed, trying to do the math in my head (not my favorite subject) for how long it would take me to save that money, and how much money from my paycheck should be set aside for each expenditure per week in my new budget. ➡

This got me thinking about work again and how I needed to be there if just a few short hours. (Which of course made me calculate how many hours of sleep I would get if I went to bed right then and there.)

And we all know, if you give a mouse a cookie….!


With writing all of this out right now, my mind is YET AGAIN going into overdrive with way too much info and thing I need to do.

I hope that tonight brings a better nights sleep, as well as some better dreams that don’t involve me showing up to class unprepared, me going to work all night, or budgeting. (Yeah, I honestly had all three of those dreams last night and I woke up exhausted!)

I hope that I made some of you laugh. Or at the very least, you guys can nod and say ‘I’ve been there’ as you smile at your computer/phone screen.

As always, smile, have an amazing night, and please get more sleep tonight than I did! 😂😅


  1. Yeah, I have been there one time, or still at rare times. Even if not thinking, just not sleeping.

    An idea for you if possible with your mates. If when raining, but you want to be outside, maybe set your own tents up. You could be sat inside with the tent entrances open, while chatting to one another. Have them set in a circle.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, I don’t think the college would let students put up a random tent on campus. And since my friends and I only have the time in between classes to hang out, there wouldn’t be time for such a thing. Great idea though, love where your head is at! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, I wasn’t thinking on campus when I thought of that one where you would all be in your own individual tent, in a circle chatting. So yes, it wouldn’t work for there, or time to chat. 😊


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