(Poem) I took a walk today

I took a walk to clear my head.

This year has been a year to dread.

I’d much rather stay in bed, but I took a walk today.

I looked up at the bare boned trees.

The ground was scattered with their pretty leaves.

And yet the trees they did not grieve, on my walk today.

I tried to keep my thoughts at bay.

I did not want to think today.

But my thoughts were molded out of clay, on my walk today.

I thought of how gloomy this year seemed.

And how the weather matched the theme.

Grey and black were the color scheme, on my walk today.

I wish that I could find a door.

That lead me out of this land of horror.

But my request has been ignored, on my walk today.

I looked out at the fields of grey.

The farmers have not come today.

The golden cornstalks slightly sway, on my walk today.

The time has come to go inside.

Was the walk good? I can’t decide.

I think I may just go and hide, after my walk today.

I wish this year would quickly end.

The world needs time to quietly mend.

It’ll take some time, I won’t pretend.

But it can start with a walk today.


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