The candy-cane monster checked out today..

It’s that time of year again! The time of year that we save seeds and get our yards ready for winter. It is currently 59 degrees outside right now (75 in the sun) and I have been outside for most of the morning keeping busy.

First off, I had my brother help me bring some of the Christmas stuff up from the basement so that we could start putting stuff up inside. We have been slowly getting the Christmas decorations up outside and it looks like a candy monster lives here! Candy-canes are literally everywhere! There are candy-canes in the trees, lined up as fence posts, and in the shape of hearts all over the front of the property. I’m sure once the candy-cane monster comes back, it will have even more candy canes to place around the property.

My biggest hope is that two little German kids don’t wind up knocking on our door and asking us if our house is made of candy.. Trust me when I say this, DON’T EAT ANYTHING YOU FIND ON OUR HOUSE! It does NOT taste like candy!!! Also, those little droplets you see around our yard is NOT chocolate! Please do not eat!!! (I’m sure the rabbits are taking bets on who will be the first to eat the ‘chocolates’.)

The second thing I’ve been up to this morning has been getting the outside furniture put into piles so that the tarps can go over them for the winter. Once that is done, we will officially be ready for winter!

I’m so thankful that I have time to do this before winter hits, as I have been swamped with work and school everyday and I have had no time for work at home. This week however, I have been on a little ‘break’ and have been able to get a LOT done here at home.

The last thing on my list has been to make sure that the gardens gets snipped and the seeds are collected to be saved. This has been an on-going battle since I have 1) had no time to do this and 2) the frost hadn’t killed off my flowers until now. But never fear, I have my seeds!

The other night I sat on the living room floor for an hour getting the seeds from the flower heads and onto a plate where they could dry out. Thankfully, a new episode of ‘Young Sheldon’ was on and my family and I sat down to watch it while I did this boring and time consuming task.

Zinnia seeds (left) and sunflower seeds (right)

The last thing on my list is to dig up my carrots and use them in a yummy meal, but I’m waiting for the last possible minute before I go digging them up.

As it is now noon (aka nap time), I thought I would take a moment to pop on here and give y’all an update. Not much has been going on around the property, as of course I have been busy with work and school, which is why I am so thankful I was able to get things done around here this morning.

I hope everyone else is getting ready for winter. (Or if you’re on the other side of the world, summer!) This Fall has definitely been a kind one, and it has given us plenty of time to get ready for winter, but all the time in the world never feels like it’s enough to prepare for these harsh winters..

Wishing you all the best! As always, smile, have a great day, and help me count down the days until this year can officially be over! 😉

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