Learning To Let Go

This past month has been rough for me. I had to switch to online college for two weeks because the college was quarantining, only to finally get to come back for two days only to be told that the school would shut down for the rest of the semester because of the number of cases in our state. So here I am in my pajamas, preparing for a zoom meeting with my math professor so that I can take my math test from the comfort of my bed.

You see, my college had initially planned to switch to online learning anyways, as Thanksgiving was coming up and ‘we couldn’t be trusted not to bring the virus back to campus with us’. Now however, as cases of Covid-19 climb in the United States, Michigan has decided to shut down all high-schools and colleges for the foreseeable future until cases go back down again.

With online classes, come a whole suitcase of problems! I have actually had to skip a lab in one of my classes because I couldn’t do it until the weekend (the same day it was due actually) and the professor didn’t explain properly. With no time to ask her, I was left to just skip it all together. When I am there in class, we are all told what to do and I have help from my professor and the other students. When I am at home, I have no one to ask but my professor and the response could be too little too late.

Normally, I would freak out over not doing an assignment from class. However, as I am getting a one of the highest scores in that class at the moment, I choose to let it go and remind myself that I am NOT here for the grades, I am here for the knowledge that these classes have given me.

It is way too often that we stress over the little things, and I am known for having a full blown mental breakdowns over something small and simple. In the grand scheme of life, should we really be stressing about all of these little things? Do all of these little things really matter that much?

Now I’m not saying that I won’t stress over ANYTHING, because that would be impossible for me. In fact, I used to HATE when my brother would tell me “just don’t stress Deanna” as if that would somehow cure my anxiety instantly and all of my worries would go away. Wow, thanks bro, I’m magically cured (insert eyeroll here).

So yesterday, I decided not to stress about my missed project. Today I decide not to stress about switching to online classes. And today I decide not to stress about my classes for next semester.

There is a plan for everyone (and everything) in the Universe and I am choosing to trust in that plan. I am a strong believer that ‘everything happens for a reason‘, and that includes the bad stuff that we stress over! It’s not so much that we are only given the burdens we can handle, but rather, we are given burdens to see how we will handle it.

I have let my anxiety and my worry take over my life for far too long. Right now I am in a place in my life where my stress levels are low and I am the only one who can decide to keep it that way. So whatever life throws at me, I know that it’s happening for a reason.

This is my life, and I’m going to take control of it. I hope you can too.

Comment below what’s stressing you out today and how you plan to de-stress! Crocheting? Bubble baths? Going for a run? Hunting? How do you make all of the worry melt away? For me it’s going for a walk or playing loud music that is so loud I can’t hear myself think (or both!).

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and don’t sweat the small stuff! šŸ˜‰


  1. For me, my stress is regatds to my mum as I have blogged about for some time.
    I have to make sure I take time out for me and these last couple of months, (especially the past month) I have slacked and so I was close to being burnt out again.

    Last Sunday, I coloured, read a book, had a foot soak and watched a dvd.

    Middle of the week, I have to have an extra sleep in the day, just for a couple of hours to re-charge.

    I have a good support bubble and they look out for me. They are live downstairs from me. I have time with them and we have a great time.
    I will be with them tomorrow.

    This Sunday I plan to read. Maybe do some writing. I shall have a scented candle going and I will have a foot soak again too.

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    • Lol, I used to get up early before my grandmother woke up and read a book by a lit candle. I should really go back to having ‘me time’ as it sounds like you are doing, but I never feel like I have time with work and school. Me time is definitely a great tool for dealing with stress, as is hanging out with people who support you and listen to your problems. Sorry to hear that your mom’s got you down, but it looks like you’ve got some great ways of handling your stress!

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      • Make sure you get some me time. Even if its just 10 minutes. It will do the world of good. But if you can give yourself a bit longer, than even better.


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