Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. ❤ Today, America celebrates a day called ‘Thanksgiving’ where people eat until they are stuffed, waste tons of food they can’t possibly eat before it goes bad, and everyone comes together in spite of a world wide pandemic to eat food with people they don’t like and would like to strangle.

Instead of giving you a history lesson on this terribly wasteful and slightly morbid holiday, I am just going to let you know how my family and I celebrated Thanksgiving today.

This morning, I had to get up and go into work bright and early because stores here still have to be open so that people can run in for all of the last minute stuff they didn’t have. Fun fact, my store was out of stuffing, canned vegetables, crunchy onions, and hawaiian buns by time I left at noon. We had exactly three cans of yams and five canned cranberry jelly when I left and I doubt it was there by time we closed.

Honestly though, I loved working on Thanksgiving morning. I ended up working with a lot of my favorite employees and we had a blast and made a game out of telling each other what all was left in the Holiday Baking isle in case any costumers asked if we still had (insert sold out item here). We also had fun picking on each other and trying to see who could walk around and help people the most people, which is always a fun game at the store.

After I got home, I took a shower and a nap to recharge after all of that running around I did at work. My parents showed up after a while, my brother harvested all of the carrots from the garden for me, and I went to work in the kitchen. Most of my cooking was done the day before when I made no-bake cookies and turtles for both work and my family. That was my task for Thanksgiving, to make the sweets for the day. My task today however; make sweet potatoes and glazed carrots.

All in all my Thanksgiving was alright. We ate, we laughed, we ate some more, we played a game, and then my parents went home and Thanksgiving was over. It was an alright thanksgiving, but not one that will go down in history. We had some great food though!

As I am now stuffed and laying in bed with a good book next to me (and my laptop on my lap), I shall say a quick goodnight before it’s off to bed for me. Happy Thanksgiving to my Americans friends, and Happy Thursday to my non Americans who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and try to refrain from strangling your family this holiday season…. 😉😅

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