Life Update: College is Over and The New Year is Upon Us

As another college semester comes to a close, I get to finally sit back and take a deep breath. This morning I got to sleep in for the first time in months, and I enjoyed every minute I got to sleep in past 7:00am. (I slept in until 9:30. Oops..)

This year, although it has been tough because of Covid and going to college full time while having a job, it has been a year full of great friends, laughter, and hot and sweaty masks that smell of peppermint oil. Sadly, it has has been such a busy year that I haven’t gotten the opportunity to update you guys on how I’m doing! So here’s how these past few months have been going for me.

In college, I have made some new friends, as well as seen some great old friends from last year (as soon as I released it was them under the mask anyways). I have learned more than I thought I would with what few classes they offered during Covid (mainly core classes 🙄), and I am going back this Spring to do more classes. Wearing a mask in college wasn’t easy, especially on the days when I had to run from one class to another, but the peppermint oil I put on my mask made it more bearable for my anxiety.

With work, I have loved every minute of it! It feels more like a second home rather than a job and everyone I work with feels more like a family than co-workers. I think the thing I love most about work though is that I can just leave all of my worries at the door and focus on work for six to seven hours a day. Work allows me to check out of reality and just be calm and happy, no matter what is going on in the outside world. As college and Covid turn my life upside down, it’s nice that my work can turn it right side up again, if only for a few hours each day.

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My future farm is also coming along pretty well. I have made a lot of progress in saving up for my future farm, but not as much as I was hopping to have saved by this point. Thankfully, I have all Winter and part of Spring to save up before I will allow myself to start looking at possible properties. For now, I am keeping my head firmly in the clouds and distracting myself with work and the possibility that I shall have my own farm by the end of next year.

Christmas is also coming up. I just sent out all of my Christmas cards out yesterday, I am waiting until the last minute to wrap everyone’s gifts, and now that I finally have a moment to breath and relax I can finally watch a Christmas movie!

It doesn’t feel much like Christmas around here because of the lack of snow on the ground, but I’m honestly happy that the snow has been just light dustings up until now, as this will be my first year driving in it since I got my license.

Life these past few months has been hectic, but rewarding. I have a job that I love, my friends and family are safe and healthy, and I’m finally done with college for a month! Tomorrow I am making Christmas goodies for my friends and family, tonight I get to go to work, and with any luck, I’ll be doing all of this in my own place next year. ❤

I hope you all are surviving the holidays with a smile on your face (whether fake or not) and love in your hearts. As always, try to smile today, count your blessings, and look forward to tomorrow while still living in today.

Special shoutout to the person reading this right now! You are kind, you are loved, and without you this would would be a lonely place.

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