A True 2020 Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time of the year, we all know that. With this year being 2020, the most stressful year of the 2000’s, it has made Christmas especially stressful for everyone. So, what happened at my house this Christmas to make it the ‘perfect’ model of a 2020 Christmas?..

First off, thing started to go bad right off the bat. (Haha, bat.. 😂) Over at my parents house, my parents woke up and broke a candle that was sitting on the woodstove, causing the candle wax to drip all over the side of their woodstove (I’m sure that was fun to clean off). Then, my mother stepped in cat puke, spilled coffee all over the floor on her way to clean up the cat puke, and then stepped on her cats tail going downstairs to do dishes. Of course on top of all of this, she had found out that her pipes had frozen in the kitchen and she couldn’t even do the dishes that she wanted to..

Over in MY house; I had volunteered to work Christmas Eve night and had gotten home very late and very tired, vowing to sleep in the next morning. It had snowed all day on Christmas eve and I had to drive home (for the first time ever) on two inches of fresh powdery snow. Christmas Morning, I did NOT get to sleep in like I had wanted to, but instead I was woken up by my 25 year old brother just after daylight announcing excitedly that there was snow on the ground and we would have a white Christmas To which I responded ‘I know, I drove in it’. Of course, once I was awake, I couldn’t go back to sleep, but in my brothers defense this was the first white Christmas he had seen in years.

Christmas morning, I had the task of making German Potato Salad. Despite the multitude of little things that kept going wrong in the process of making it (things kept knocking over, the chopper for the onions almost fell, one burner on the stove wouldn’t work, etc.) I had made the best batch of German Potato Salad I had made in years! It took three hours to make, but it looked amazing! However, when it came time to warm it up in the microwave for Christmas dinner, I burned my hands taking it out of the microwave and dropped it, throwing the German Potato Salad and shards of the ceramic bowl it was in all over the floor. I couldn’t even begin to explain how devastated I was when I seen three hours of hard work laying all over the floor. That was my breaking point for the day and I took a moment to cry it out as my mother cleaned it up for me.

As if our Christmas in Michigan wasn’t bad enough, we apparently had to share our ‘good fortune’ with the rest of the family as well. When I had gotten ahold of my Aunts to ask them what time they had wanted to facetime to open presents, we had found out that they had just gotten home to their house after going out for the morning, and they had discovered that they had no heat! It was luckily fixed later that day, but they had to opened presents while curled up in fuzzy blankets to keep warm.

Luckily, my family has a great sense of humor. When I had broken the bowl filled with German Potato Salad, my family told me that it was one less dish to clean, and that I would just have to make it again come New Years. (AFTER the New Year began of course!) And despite all of these mishaps and problems on all sides of the family tree, we all came together in the end to spend Christmas together as a family. ❤

So when your day seams crappy, and nothing seams to be going right, just remember that a smile (fake or not) and some humorous family members may be able to make it better. I am so thankful for my family this year, without whom I would not have made it through the year with my sanity.

I hope that no one else’s Christmas was plagued by the curse of 2020, and let’s remember that the New Year isn’t far away! As always, smile, have an amazing day, and remember that 2021 is just around the corner!


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