Creepy Christmas Cookies


WARNING! Some of these pictures of snowman cookies depict odd and creepy snowmen. Please don’t blame me if you still want to scroll down.


During Christmas time on the Homestead, my family all got together (some of us under protest) and frosted Christmas cookies together as a family..

Of course, when you get a family like ours together when we really don’t want to be there, we tend to do stuff to the cookies.

Bad stuff..

Like this..






Me and my father’s snowmen had yellow snow at the bottom of them and dead eyes, and I even made one that looked like it was melting. (I took the ‘dead’ snowmen to work for a truly 2020 Christmas treat and everyone loved them!)

My brother took a different and more creative approach to it and made monster snowmen, a zombie snowman, and what I think is a construction worker with a mustache and pinchers for a mouth..?

My mother and grandmother stuck to making cute trees, and although my father, brother, and I did frost a few of these trees in the picture, we left the trees for my mother and grandmother to do.

All in all, my family had a better time than we thought, but my brother, father, and I will not be invited back for cookie decorating next year. 😂

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our creepy snowmen! I am a little late in posting them, but it’s better late than never! Happy 2021 everyone! I hope this year is nothing like our Christmas cookies! 😉

As always; smile, have an amazing day, and let your creative side flow!


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