What is YOUR carbon footprint?

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon you put into the air through the use of fossil fuels on a day to day basis. Thing such as travel, what you eat, how big your house is, and how often you use your computer could be the difference between a large or a small carbon footprint.

Do you drive? Ride on a plane? Eat meat? Have a heated house? Then you have a carbon footprint!


Why is knowing your carbon footprint important?

Knowing how big of a carbon footprint you have is important because the amount of carbon you put into the Earth determines how long this Earth can survive with people on it. By knowing your carbon footprint, you can also know how to make your carbon footprint smaller. The smaller your footprint, the better the environment.

Now, of course having no carbon footprint at all is impossible! However, making our carbon footprint smaller is a good goal to have if we all want to keep living on this Earth for as long as possible.


How do I check MY carbon footprint?

There are many sites you can find on the internet that allow you to check your carbon footprint, but I’ll share one on here for you anyways for those of you who want to check your carbon footprint. The thing that I like about this site is that it not only tells you what your carbon footprint is compared to the average person, but it also shows you ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint based on your results. (Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Here)


How do I use this information?

Knowledge is Power! When you know what it is you’re doing to the planet and how your carbon footprint is affecting this world, you can also learn what to do about it.

So go forth, learn what to do to save the world, and comment below how your carbon footprint compares to others! Me myself; while living in my grandparents house I have a huge carbon footprint because I am grouped in with my grandparents and brother. By myself however, I am lower than the average American when it comes to my own carbon footprint.

Comment below your thoughts and your results! What will you do to fix these results and make your carbon footprint smaller? As always; smile, have an amazing day, and learn something new about yourself and the environment!


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