Help! I’m snowed in on the homestead and I still have to do school work!

As usual, this morning I woke up to a chilly room, a warm bed, and an alarm clock that insisted I sleep in this morning. I had already known from the night before that classes were canceled today because of a winter storm that was hovering over our heads through the night. So I listened to my alarm clock and went back to bed..

A few hours later, I woke up with a sore throat and decided to make myself a nice warm cup of that brown liquid gold. No no, not coffee, I’m talking about smooth hot hot cocoa with peppermints in it that everyone loves this time of year.

As I got out of my cold bed and walked into the kitchen, I was met with a shocking site! I couldn’t see out 1/3 of our kitchen window!

We had gotten over a foot of snow!

After making my hot cocoa and putting it to cool in my room, I grabbed my camera and ran out the door to the freezing cold outside world. When I stepped out the door and off the steps, I sunk deep into the snow. Looking down, the snow had swallowed my snow boots whole and starting to munch on my pajama pants! I didn’t go far through the snow to take pictures because it was hard to walk in the deep snow, but I went far enough to show you guys how much snow we had gotten last night.

Frosty seems to like the snow
The outside cats ‘highway’
That poor tree..

Sadly, with all of this snow it means that there is no chance of going to college today. However, with all of the local schools prepared to switch online at any moment, it leaves no true snow days left in the world as kids can just log onto their computers and listen to their teachers give their lessons from home. To this I say; Now the rest of the world gets to feel the awful struggles of us (former) homeschooled kids who never got any snow days!

I still have to work tonight, and I still have to do schoolwork from home. But today, I got to sleep in and enjoy a hot cup of hot cocoa from the warmth of my own bed.

And now that breakfast is over, I must sadly start on school work. 😛


Comment Below! Do you still have to do school online when it snows? Did you ever get a snow day when you were homeschooled? What is YOUR favorite drink in the morning that wakes you up? Tea? Hot cocoa? Or Coffee?

As always, have an amazing day, don’t forget to smile, and make yourself a warm cup of whatever gets you out of bed in the morning!


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