Living On My Own (Sorta)

As I sit here on my front porch drinking my salted caramel tea and wrapped in a blanket because it’s only 46°F, I can’t help but admire the pretty Autumn-feeling day. Although the weather is cold outside right now, the sun is still shining and it’s warming up in the sun.

Sure, it’s freezing, and I could go inside and write this where it’s slightly warmer.. But the peace and quiet outside is so alluring that I can’t help but be outside! As I sit here I can see the cars pass by, hauling their boats to the lake nearby for a morning of fishing. I can hear the birds in the trees as they talk to one another while the chilly wind rustles through the leaves. And I myself make noise as my spoon clinks against my tea glass when I move my cup to take a sip of my steaming hot tea.

This past week or so (however long I’ve been here now) has been absolutely amazing to live on my own (more or less)! I’ve gotten to feel what it’s like to live in my own, without actually living on my own, and it’s been absolutely motivating for me! Of course, there is a LOT to do this summer before I can get my Future Farm, but I am definitely on the right track and the train isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

I am definitely living in the lap of luxury here! I’ve got running water with an outdoor shower, a brand spanken new solar-powered dryer, natural heating and air-conditioning thanks to a window and a fan, and wonderful low-speed internet thanks to the hotspot on my phone! What more could a girl want?

Solar Powered Dryer
Tented Outdoor Shower

I’ve even got a little companion with me! Her name is Princess Patches. She was one of the many cats living in my grandmother’s house and she is afraid of EVERYTHING! So I thought that both of us ‘scardy cats’ would make a great pair, and boy was I right! Patches loves the peace and quiet too, so she is the perrrrrfect cat to just lay and cuddle with while I read! She’s been playing a lot more here than she ever did at my grandmother’s house, but I’m sure that she misses her siblings as well. (Don’t worry, my brother is bringing his cat over for a kitty playdate later.)

Princess Patches and her new scratching post

I’m excited for the next chapter in my life, and I’m grateful for my family and friends by my side while I take this leap of faith. Someday I’ll get to stop saying “Future Farm” and just say “Farm”. But for right now, the foundation is leveled and ready to be laid, I just need a little time and materials. 😉

(I think of this song often when I picture my Future Farm)

As always, SMILE, have an amazing day, and remember work hard for your dreams to come true! ❤

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