Really Big News!

It’s been an exciting week around the property!

Fathers Day was celebrated a day early because my brother and I had to work on Fathers Day and it was a truly fun day. My brother and I had gotten dad some Spiderman stuff for his truck, and then dad and I had went Kayaking in the muggy afternoon heat. (Thankfully the water was nice and cold and once we got to shore we ‘fell in’ to cool ourselves off.)

We have survived two tornado warnings in our area this week, that was fun.. I was at home for the first one, and at work for the second one. Fun fact, work still continues if a tornado hasn’t actually been sighted. We weathered the storms pretty well over here, but because of the farm fields and no trees to protect against the wind at my grandmothers house, they had a tree fall down on the power lines right in front of their new ramp and they were trapped inside for two days.

We had some nice family drama play out this week too (because life wouldn’t be complete without family drama right?) and that was entertaining for a hot minute. But life went on and work took me away from the stress of the world.

Speaking of work! I’ve been working full time hours this summer to make more money. Because I have a lot of time on my hands with school being out, I’ve been putting in as many hours as I can, and all the extra hours have been kicking my butt! (Well, more specifically, my feet..) My feet have become very sore with so many hours of work and I’ve had to soak my feet in a tub of lavender epson-salts and tea tree oil every night when I get home. It’s doing wonders for the blisters and the soreness! I’ve also spent a lot of time laying on my bed with my feet up in the air so that they can have a break as well.

Is all of this extra work and sore feet worth it?

You bet it is! Because:

……………(DRUM ROLL PLEASE!)………………

I’ve been pre-approved and I can start looking at properties!

All of my hard work is finally paying off! All those months of building credit, all those extra shifts at work, all the while saving and going to college and allowing myself to have no social life.. It has all lead me to this moment in time. I am so close to achieving my goals that I can see the finish line!

I’ve been working hard everyday for this dream, I’ve been putting my blood sweat and tears into this dream, and I’ve grown up a lot so that I can achieve this dream of having my own farm.

Finally, today, my dreams are solidifying into reality as I now take the next step into buying my forever home. (AKA: Time to start looking at houses y’all!!!)

Although my dream is not quite a reality (yet), I’m doing everything I can on the side to prepare for my future farm and I’ve been doing what I can to make a smooth transition into my future farm. My room at my grandmothers is 90% packed up and in boxes now, the only thing I have with me are in my little cabin. Just the bare necessities are with me (mainly so that I don’t get lazy and too comfortable here) and the rest will remain in boxes until I can get my forever home.

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on this week on the property! Tornadoes, work, and looking for a house..

I’ll try my best to update you guys on my house hunting experiences as I go through the process of trying to look for a house.

In the meantime though, to all of my homesteading readers out there that already have their properties, any advice for me as I go into looking for a proper homestead? Or any advice from my other readers who have bought their own home? Comment below!!!

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and remember that it’s the journey that makes the destination worth it! ❤


  1. Woo hoo!!!
    1) you want fencing.
    2) you want a water source on property.
    3) you want land that can be EASILY and AFFORDABLY converted to pasture or that is already established pasture.
    4) outbuildings/barns/sheds already existing are nice.
    5) you don’t want your house downwind of the livestock.
    6) go see the property in the rain if possible so you can see leaks, runnoff, drainage, flooding issues upfront and not be surprised.

    I can’t say we did all of these with our homestead, but bearing those 6 things in mind will save you heartache later on.

    I reccomend 5 acres and a Dream book or blog when deciding on location/ layout for your homestead.

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    • Lol a lot of that isn’t possible with my price range, but I will absolutely take those all into consideration thank you! 😀 I’m not quite looking for 5 acres, that’s a bit too much for just me, but I like the one about seeing the property when it rains! That’s really smart! I’ve heard people say that you should see a property in the morning AND at night to see what it’s like at both times of the day with traffic and neighbors, and I plan to do that as well. I also like the idea of making sure your animals are downwind from the house, I honestly never thought of that but I’m sure that that’s a life savor! And I am definitely making sure that the property has some out buildings on it. Thanks so much for the advice, lord knows I’ll need it!


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