Preparing For Markets

The house is a mess, yarn is everywhere, and I have half a dozen pots in the fire right now. (Metaphorically of course.)

Can anyone else relate?

It is crafting season here in Michigan and every free second I get off work and house hunting I have a crochet hook in my hand. The Bluegill Frolic is coming up, a small festival we have in my little town, and I am once again putting a booth up. This time I am trying to get a booth in the middle of town rather than a family member’s yard (because that worked so well last time 🙄). That means more business to my booth, which means more inventory must be made. I have a month and a half to get my butt around for the Bluegill Frolic!

However, my town has started a new thing this year called ‘First Friday‘. The first Friday of every month the town puts on a Farmers Market in town and I have asked around to see what I need to do to be a part of that as well. The next First Friday is August 6th (less time to get stuff around) and I plan to be there with my booth (fingers crossed).

This morning, I have been put on the list and will be attending the First Friday market to sell my crochet things, and I am truly busting my butt to get ready for that.

Needless to say my little cabin has turned into a yarn factory as I prepare for both events, all while doing a full-time job and still looking at houses hoping to find my dream house. My table has been turned into a yarn holder, stuff for my booth is all over the cabin, and I have a ladder display that is filling up with stuff right in the middle of my tiny cabin.

I bought a ladder shelf from my store that I thought was a collapsing one.. I got it home and opened the box, only to find out that it was a shelf that I had to put together. And it does NOT collapse.. Oh well, at least I have something that will work for this year. I am starting to invest more money into doing this sort of thing. Right now I am borrowing my grandmothers tent, but I plan on buying my own soon enough. I am also investing in a good pair of weights for my tent before the Bluegill Frolic, and more usable and collapsible shelving for displays.

I’ve also been picking up signs and stuff for the Bluegill and all future craft fairs / farmers markets. So far I’ve gotten signs, some flags to hang at either side of my booth, lights, and a receipt book. More to come with this growing pile I’m sure.

That’s it for todays update, I must now get back to crocheting and watching movies all day (gotta have something to do while my hands are busy crocheting). I hope y’all are keeping busy with your own wonderful things.

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and never give up on your dreams.


  1. Incidentally, would you ever consider doing a post on what you sell at Farmer’s Markets and which of your items are most popular? You may have done so before and I just missed it. I love learning from other crafters and seeing what does well with their respective audiences. Thanks!

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    • You know, that’s a really good idea! I am always wishing that people would do that and explain how they got into their markets and the costs of everything, but I have never done that because I’ve never set up an ‘official’ booth. I’ve posted pictures in the past of the whole booth as a whole, but I’ve never actually went through and explained everything. Great idea!


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