House Hunting

No amount of research, preparing, or advice from friends could have ever prepared me for the mental destruction that comes with house hunting..

I looked at my very first house last week, and it wasn’t perfect. Because no house ever is! And although that I was prepared for that, it was still crushing to find faults that I couldn’t live with.

Look guys, I’m not picky when it comes to houses! I know that I want a fixer upper that I can work on and turn into my dream home! I know that I can’t afford a ‘lot’ of land! And I know that I may have to move a little further from home (and work) to have my dream property!

The house I looked at last week? Beautiful house that needed a lot of repair work. Beautiful yard that needed cleaning up. And the neighbors? The only downside to the house was that the neighbors were all right on top of each other, and that all of the neighbors were related to the woman who was trying to sell the house.. That’s right, a house where all the neighbors are related to each other and I would have been the odd woman out.. No thank you!

I told my realtor that the house was gorgeous, but that it wasn’t for me. That I would keep looking…

Besides, everyone says not to fall in love with the first house you look at, right?

The search continued, but with no luck. Every house that came up on the market was either too old and my bank wouldn’t finance it, or the people selling the house wanted cash only..

And so we sit, and we wait, and we save, and we wait some more. And we keep hoping that ‘today is the day something amazing will pop up on the market!’

After saying no to that first house there will always be a ‘what if’ running around in the back of my head. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I would not have liked living with nosy neighbors that close, gossiping about what the ‘non family’ neighbor is up to with their sisters-in-laws house.. No matter how much I told myself that the house was not ‘the one’, it w as still crushing to have to say no to the house and move on.

That was only the first house.. And I’m sure that there will be more that I’ll have to say no to.

For now though, I will wait and occupy my time with preparing for the different markets I have coming up.. Besides, the longer I wait the more I can save up for all of the seeds and trees for my future farm!

I try not to let house hunting get me down, and I try to look for the positives.. I’m closer than ever before to my future farm! Something perfect will pop up on the market soon.. And I just have to remember that keeping a positive attitude through this whole process will make things easier for my mental state.


Trying to sort through houses and going to go see the houses in person reminds me a lot of modern day dating..

  • The pictures NEVER look like the real thing.
  • The people uploading the pictures only focus on the good and won’t tell you about the bad.
  • If you don’t like the house, just move on to the next one.
  • And you never really know the real problems until you commit to it..

Just like with dating, I am looking for ‘the one’ when it comes to houses. I understand that no house is ‘perfect’ or ‘without flaw’. And I am making sure that I do not go see these houses without someone there who can warn me about the red flags they see..


Wish me luck as I keep a lookout for ‘the one’ and let me know how many places you had to look at before you found your home/homestead/farm? Comment Below!

As always, smile, have an amazing day, and don’t be afraid to be picky on the important stuff.. 😉

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  1. Yep! Rough call, but probably the wise decision. Gotta think long term, am I ok living in proximity to this _______?
    Additionally, we had amazing neighbors who grew a beautiful massive garden and shared/taught me things about gardening, and they were super friendly. They moved after our 1st year. The people who proceeded them cut down the two mature fruit trees in the yard and spent a year and a half aggressively mowing a potato patch until my husband finally encouraged them to just dig them up, and eat them. Ya never know what you’re gonna get with neighbors.

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