First Friday FAILS

So here is the scoop of what happened on First Friday..

I packed up the truck with all my stuff, picked up my friend in the pouring rain, set up the booth in sunshiny weather (hopping the rain would stay away), crowds of people started coming, I sold a few things (a jellyfish, a towel set, a crochet bomb, a tiara, and a toy fit), and then it started downpouring where everyone (and everything) got soaked and we all had to pack up and go home.

That’s right, First Friday was a total fail!  We had gotten there at 4pm, set up at 4:30, people started coming at 5pm, we started packing up at 6pm, and we were all gone by 7pm..  We were only set up for about an hour!  Thank god I didn’t have to pay for the booth space because I would have been p!$$ed!

Everything of mine had to be loaded up and unloaded in the pouring down rain, thunder, and lightning.  My stuff had to be put on drying racks to dry when I got home, all of my price tags need to be redone, and I made about $30 at the event.  If I had actually had to pay for a booth up town, that amount of money I had made would have just barely covered the cost of the booth!

Of course, with all of the pouring down rain, did this girl happen to get one single picture of her booth?  Of course not!  Although I’m pretty sure that any pictures would have looked waterlogged and awful because of the rain, I was so focused on getting everything out that I had forgotten about pictures.

I am hopping for much better luck with the weather at the Bluegill Frolic, because First Friday was a total wash out (pun intended)..  If it hadn’t been for the tent and the sheet I had brought and used as a side wall, the rain would have been a LOT worse for my booth! The rain had still dripped from the seams of the tent, and the wall only stopped the rain on one side.

First Friday wasn’t a total fail, I did learn some great lessons for how to set up my booth, as well as being prepared for bad weather. Next time, I will be better prepared with some type of wall for every side of the booth ‘just in case’, and I have learned a different way of doing my booth.

I set up my booth so that people could walk under the tent and look around.. I thought that people would want to come in and get out of the sun, but in doing that, only one family could come in and look around at a time.. This caused other people to not want to go near my booth because it looked full. Next time I want to set up my booth so that people can walk around three sides of the outside of it and there is more room for everyone.

With First Friday over, I have a week until the Bluegill Frolic to get everything back in order. I have water-logged price tags to rewrite, I have a few Viking hats and beards to put together, and I have to find some sheets/tarps to use as walls in case the weather goes south again.

As always my lovely readers, smile, have a great day, and hope for the best but prepare for the worst!


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