House Hunting; Put On Hold..?


As the weather grows colder and the winter months grow nearer, I am sad to report that the house hunting has not gone as well as I had hoped and I will be staying at my parents house for the winter. As I remind myself that this is probably for the best, I still feel crushed to think that I will not have a chance for a house until Spring at the earliest.

Of course, my hopes for buying my future farm are still heavily in my heart, I have had to put a few things on hold and come up with better plans for the future as many changes are happening around me.

As many of you know, Covid hit us all hard during 2020. With Covid, came the ever controversial vaccine that everyone loves to argue about. (Please note that I turned my comments off for this post because I do not wish for people to have arguments in the comment section.) A lot of businesses are now putting new rules into effect that I for one do not agree with and it has caused me to have to take a step back from my job and go into the craft world early.

As of next week, I will be stepping out into the Christmas craft world and taking the winter off to sell my crochet items at local craft fairs. I have already signed up for one in December, and a fellow local homesteader has given me a name of another craft fair coming up that I plan to sign up for (if I could just find the missing paper with the name on it).

I will of course be looking for another job come Spring or late Winter, but I am thankful for the opportunity to stay with my parents until I can officially move out on my own. Of course, if I have to find another job, I may as well do it right this time and find a job on one of the local farms. In the mean time, however, I am currently preparing for a few craft fairs and getting things in order for what is to come next..

I will have my future farm someday. But that day will just have to wait.

As always my lovely’s, smile, have an amazing day, and settle in for Winter. ❤