2021; A Year in Review

Guys, I’ll be honest.. I originally wasn’t going to do a year review for last year because I wasn’t sure I had done enough last year. However, after looking back at my blog posts of 2021, I realized just how much I truly did last year!

Last year was truly a year of ups and downs.. I started out the year with a job I loved and house hunting, and then ended the year jobless and no house. However, here are the highlights from last year!


I bought a truck!
At the end of 2020, my vehicle ‘Helga‘ had broken down and died on me. This caused me to buy a truck at the beginning of 2021 using the money I had saved up to buy a house with. It felt amazing to buy a truck with my own money and own the truck outright! (My parents had bought me my first ever vehicle from a shady dealer and we had nothing but problems with it.) Right now, my truck (Raven) is still running great and most of her problems have been easily fixed by me and my mechanic friends!
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I moved out! (Sorta..)
After my Spring Semester of College, I moved out of my grandmother’s house and into my parent’s house ‘for the summer’. Of course, I had high hope last year for moving out on my own, but things didn’t go as planned (obviously). Nevertheless, I did move out of my grandmother’s house, and that was a big step for me!
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I went on a Family Vacation!
Last Spring, my family and I had taken our first ever family vacation with ALL of us together under one roof. (Unheard of for my family!) We had gone to Warren Dunes for a weekend and had a blast hanging out in a vacation house and ending the weekend going to the beach.
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I did a LOT of Craft Fairs!
Every year, I put up a booth at this big festival called the Bluegill Frolic! In 2021, I had not only done the Bluegill Frolic but also countless winter craft fairs as well! I had learned a lot from those craft fairs that I had done. For example: getting stuck by the front door gets you zero customers and plenty of people saying, ‘I’ll come back to ya’ as they walk away to the next booth. (Fun fact, they never come back.)
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I went House Hunting!
Last year was certainly full of its ups and downs, and most of this was due to my house hunting adventures. I had finally saved up the money, been pre-approved for a loan, and had a stable and well-paid job. Of course, as we all know that I didn’t end up getting a house because of the lack of good options in the area, and me of course losing my job. However, some great stories came from it, and I now know what I’m doing when I get to started up again in house hunting.
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These past two years of taking college classes have taught me a lot! Of course, I could have learned most of that stuff by just going out into the world and getting a job that taught all of it to me while getting paid, but I had free college so.. 🤷‍♀️ Anyways! I had made a lot of friends at college, gained a lot of future contacts, and made a lot of memories while I learned how to properly run a business and calculate math problems. (Because no one can go to college without taking a stupid math class.) 🙄 In December of 2021, I had finally used up all of my free college and gleefully finished my last semester after having taken every business class I could at my college (along with a few other helpful classes).
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I was in a Christmas Parade!
I still have trouble believing that my friend dragged me into this.. But I loved the experience of being in my first (and probably last) Christmas parade! Thanks again to my friend for dragging me to this, and to my college for letting me be part of the parade!
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I went on a Road Trip BY MYSELF!
This was honestly one of the highlights of my year because I had never been on a road trip by myself, and this was a huge accomplishment for both my anxiety and my self-esteem. I had gone from the bottom of Michigan, all the way to the top of Michigan, and back down all in one day. Of course, there was an unexpected road bump along the way (me getting stuck in a ditch due to slush on the roads), and a lot of things learned for future road trips.
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So yeah, that was my year in review! A lot happened last year, and I am prepared to make sure that 2022 is a lot more productive than 2021! So with this post, I am finally closing the chapter on 2021 and turning the page to the glorious chapter of 2022! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me!

As always my lovely readers, smile, have an amazing day, and remember to learn from your past and let that push you into your future! ❤ (Don’t forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! I love to hear y’alls feedback!)

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